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Just received my first order ever from AllKpop Shop... Got some great items to represent my inner fangirl to the unsuspecting world lol... Well one is more of a slang shirt but whatever.
Went overboard with my shopping and got free shipping... What I didn't know was that it was free 3 day shipping... That is so awesome, most free shipping is ground shipping. I ordered five shirts and thought maybe this box was too small...
I got two shirts one Got7 shirt and a Dae to the Bak shirt. The shirts come in men and women sizes so if you're looking for a looser fit then go for the men's size. I got the women's XXL and it is both fitted and loose on the sides.
The rest were tanks, which I have slight covers for... So these tanks are real nice and are actually in unisex sizes, so mostly men sizes. The arm holes on the side are wider than woman tanks would be so if you are uncomfortable with slight bra showing then I suggest you don't get these. All designs come in tanks, tees, crews, and hoodies.

Bonus they gave me two sets of these stickers lol