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안녕하세요.. KPopBeat here with an introduction to Monsta X. With the group having just reached their 1 year anniversary and a comeback scheduled for only a couple days away.. I figured what better time to introduce you all to these boys then now? Personally I can't believe it has been a year already. I remember when the boys were still fighting it out and sharing tears as they competed in No.Mercy.
IF you have not watched No.Mercy... I find it is a good way to get to see the boys in a different light and have made a YouTube playlist to the English subbed episodes.....
If you are not into the heartbreak of elimination shows then you can always watch them in their other shows such as Right Now and Deokspatch... all are of course English Subbed and I have put them all in order in yet another YouTube playlist. I personally like getting to know idol's personalities and enjoyed their fun and active attitudes. Check out their shows here.......
You can also check out my Monsta X playlist featuring all of their MV's and practice videos....
The boys debuted under Starship Entertainment last year with the song Trespass. This song showcases the boys hard hitting dance skills as well as their more fun and rebellious air. There are seven boys in Monsta X.... Lets start introducing them why don't we?
We are going to start with the Monsta X leader, main dancer, and vocalist.... Shownu. Mr Eye Smile here is my personal bias. He is not as loud as the rest of the boys in the group and has been named the Father of the group. Shownu is known for his swimming ability and rather athletic abilities and matching build. He is a fantastic dancer and has come a long way with his singing.... enough to make me proud.
Shownu used to be a trainee at JYP and was supposed to debut with the popular group GOT7... after some change in the line up he was left out of the seven member group. He is still very good friends with the GOT7 Members and personally... I think Monsta X is a more fitting group for him. He would have been the muscled beast in GOT7 lol. Shownu also appeared in Lee Hyori's Bad Girl MV as well as D-Unit's Talk to My Face.
Birth Name: Son Hyun Woo
Name: Shownu
Birthday: June 18, 1992
Blood Type: 0
Height: 179cm/5'10"
The second oldest member of Monsta X..... Wonho. This boy is a bit of a bias list wrecker for me. I personally decided I was all for Shownu when watching No.Mercy... but since watching the shows that followed I have found I am more attracted to this goofball... but still not enough to take over Shownu's top spot. Wonho is a very happy and smiley person, but he is deathly afraid of heights, just looking at them from the ground makes him dizzy. He is the visual of the group as well as a part of the vocal line up.
He loves to laugh and I can't help but love his smile. He knows taekwondo and is well known for his love to flash his abs as often as possible. Now don't let the abs fool you though... He is actually one of the weakest members in the group. Wonho hopes to learn more about composing music and has actually taught himself a bit with MIDI.
Birth Name: Shin Ho Seok
Name: Wonho
Birthday: March 1, 1993
Blood Type: B
Height: 176cm/5'9"
Next we have little Minhyuk. This boy is the happy virus of the group. They guys have all agreed that he is the loudest and most talkative of the entire group, and rightfully so. Minhyuk is a very open and aeygo person. Personally I notice he is there.. and I do love his happy bubbly self... plus he is cute... but I think he is a bit much? lol But overall he is a sweetie.
Minhyuk is known to constantly check the fancafe and twitter for the group many times a day and even takes the time to read comments from fans. He pays a lot of attention to what people say about him on social media and can tend to be a little sensitive... Strangely he has admitted to his love of smelling flowers and.... Wonho... I assume the guy must use some fantastic cologne if a band mate is sniffing him lol.
Birth Name: Lee Min Hyuk
Name: Minhyuk
Birthday: November 2, 1993
Blood Type: A
Next we are going to take a look at Kihyun a vocalist in the group. Kihyun has been voted by the group as the member that tries to act cute but fails. He is not able to pull of aegyo very well but that doesn't stop him from trying.
This member is one that doesn't seem to talk a bunch. He is known for his dimples and his ability to randomly space out. Kihyun has been named as the mother of the group and takes extra care to make sure his band mates are okay.
Birth Name: Yoo Ki Hyun
Name: Kihyun
Birthday: November 22, 1993
Blood Type: B
Height: 175cm/5'9"
Well ladies and gents that is all I have room for on this post. Part two will be posted in only a moment. Please check it out to get to know the maknae line of Monsta X.
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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It's a group of cute beagles......and No Mercy was the hardest thing to watch. I can't stand watching the boys cry
The performances on the show are wonderful.....except for the duet of Shownu and Kihyun....that was painful. I haven't been able to watch Pentagon because I'm afraid it'll be heartbreaking too.
It is hard to watch but it gives you another side to the boys of Monsta X
@JaxomB I still haven't watched No Mercy. I started and I could feel the incoming pain! (🐳 Sky)
@JaxomB Seriously... I was heartbroken by the end of it
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