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4 real estate technology trends that consumers demand this 2019
From virtual on-demand tours to automated marketing, here we tell you what your customers want to see and what they want to interact with. Buying a home at Blue world city can be a tedious process. Before the internet age, buyers contacted a real estate consultant, made an appointment to visit him, looked at the listing of houses, and made appointments to visit houses one by one. But with the advantages of digital tools, real estate businesses have seen significant impacts on traditional ways of running the business. Buyers and sellers can now view virtual home tours, access real estate advisers through apps, instant messaging or social media, and securely sign papers online, so the buying and selling process becomes more simple and transparent. Currently, the buying and selling process is not only easier and faster, but also the information is much more accessible than ever before. Now, no matter what role you play in the sale, these four technologies will play an important role. Mobile technology It is clear that mobile technology has had a significant impact on the way people search for homes to buy. The days when real estate advisers published their listings in the newspaper are behind us. Today's shoppers search for homes that are potential to buy from their smartphone at dinner time. Plus, they are better informed and demand a friendlier experience with better online search features and personalized alerts. You will also see continuous advances in learning machinery that will deliver better search results. Similar to user experiences on Google and Amazon, real estate sites seek not to be left behind by making recommendations that go beyond the number of rooms or the price range (similar to matching preferences used by Blue Group of Companies) . Mobile real estate technology will move from recommendations based on data entered on forms and websites, to image-recognizing software that uses text, or other fingerprints to recommend properties. On-demand virtual tours Today we live in a world where the interaction between the physical and the digital is increasing. The purchase of items online has been progressing from deliveries after two days to deliveries the same day of purchase or with the possibility of picking them up at a certain place. In addition, you can have some electronic devices, such as your refrigerator, order for you with the help of Alexa and Amazon, or through buttons that can be used to order detergent or cat food when you need it. With this level of access to on-demand services, there is no doubt that consumers will expect to see virtual on-demand tours in the real estate industry. Don't be surprised if you start to see an increase in virtual tour technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and drone-captured tours. Although virtual tours will not replace in-house samples of houses, it will help the buyer save time and better segment potential purchase options. Virtual reality and drone-guided tours give potential buyers a full 360-degree tour and provide the customer with a better sensory experience of the property that cannot be captured in images. While augmented reality offers views that can help the buyer see houses under construction and "walk" in them with their own home furnishings. Lately, a trend has come onto the market to help buyers enjoy instant home tours through apps that call the real estate consultant to a home on the market. We will also see more apps for smartphones that will offer 3D images of the interior of the houses, allowing potential buyers to customize the colors and furniture. Automation Marketing automation like scheduling of social media posts or automated email campaigns increases efficiency by decreasing the time it takes to distribute marketing content. However, this is only the beginning of what can be automated. Every day more and more tasks that require the human touch will be automated to give real estate consultants greater flexibility and efficiency. We will see that automation will continue to impact the real estate industry with software that will better search for the power of information gathering, giving real estate advisers the power to close deals faster and spend more time serving customer needs. Many of these technologies have embedded dashboards that show real-time performance metrics on both sides of the transaction. This not only means better customer service for the consumer, but also a better overall experience for all parties. More and more realtors are turning to automation to produce a pricing and valuation station rather than manually. Computer-generated pricing information offers a more scientific approach than the real estate advisor's instinct by bringing transparency to the transaction and speeding up the negotiation. Artificial intelligence The use of artificial intelligence, or applications that can mimic human learning and decision-making through data analysis, has been embedded in all industries that use the internet to interact with their consumers. The real estate industry is no exception. We first saw AI enter with chatbots who can have a conversation with visitors to a website to pre-qualify leads and answer frequently asked questions. Now, instead of working with a real estate consultant who has a list of multiple homes, sellers can search for companies that use artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of data that are used to make ads on social networks and websites aimed at consumers. who have been identified as potential buyers. These internet ads are sent en masse to individuals who appear to be potential buyers. When clicks hit ads, the algorithm decrypts matches between consumer profiles and then converts that information into new ads to search for new entries based on those patterns. Artificial intelligence can also help real estate advisers predict the closing price of a listing and estimate when it will close, helping to take the guesswork out of price. Predictive technology used in this way ensures a better marketing strategy and faster closure.
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Allen Walker is part of the Black Order an organization of exorcist that hunt tormented human souls called Akuma made by the Millennium Erul who sees to bring chaos and destruction to the world to kill humans along with his group of decedent's of Noah. They seak the Heart the source of a power called Innocents. Innocents is a power that picks it user it is the made into a wepoen that can kill amd fight against the akuma once you gain innocents you are taken to be trained ti become and exorcists [STORY SPOILERS] frist half Allen comes to join the oder by his masters orders there he meets leenalee and the rest of the order members of the European branch but as he joins they think he is not human from his curse marking and his arm that holds his innocence His master Roy Cross is missing along the scerch for him and on a new caes of innocents and a town lost in time. Allen meets a member of the Noah Family Road camalot and her strange powers she said she human but a more advanced human after a battle she leaves him and leenalee injured and near death. That's all for the stroy I'll tell. I really enjoyed everything in this stroy all the characters the wepons but its one of those anime and doesn't habe the full story hopefully the last arc will be animated for one last season or a movie but I hope if you haven't watched it you go check it it out its about 103 episodes and a 13 episode second sires for the last half so 116 episodes sires rating ☆☆☆☆ stars later I might do more of these