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Overload by Skylar Cahn
Dragon Rises
Kill 'Em All (Death Mix) by Audiomachine
Rebirth by Skylar Cahn
I think you guys will enjoy this part of Character development for Zakku! What Could be better than Helping pick out His Fighting theme? I've Picked out Four of my favorite tracks, and what I'd like for you do to is tell me which of these would sound the best for his BERSERKER MODE transformation and Fighting theme! Leave a Like and Let me know it the Comments below!! I appreciate the support and I hope to make this story more enjoyable for you guys!! I love interacting with you guys in the comments, I really enjoy reading them!! You Guys are Awesome @Aimebolanos @tylor619cruz @SAMURXAI @SimoneSanders @NeckoNecko @DesiphirXIII @simplynick @littlemaryk @DestinyAgnew @InVinsybll @NinaPerry
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lol indeed. busy days. are you still a ghost l!?
@SAMURXAI nope I live now
@NinaPerry sweet, so I don't have to do the dark resurrection sacrifice anymore right? cuz I was about too
@SAMURXAI you might want to keep it just incase cause it might happen again or we might need a back up plan one day
@NinaPerry good call