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Happy Friday lovelies!! I hope all of you guys have had a wonderful day today and a even better week!!!
The wonderful many faces of our baby YoungJae, sexy and serious when he has a straight face and adorable little fluffy when he smiles. I love it so much. Can I just kiss you already!?
"Morning sunshine" is the first thing YoungJae hears when he opens his eyes. He sits up and stretches before leaning forward to kiss his boyfriend Junior. "YoungJae do you know what today is?" YoungJae nods feeling super excited. "It's our anniversary hyung!" he says smiling until he notices that his other special someone isn't there "Where is Jaebum?" he ask looking around the room. Junior smiles and leans in whispering to the younger that it is a surprise. After that he grabs YoungJae's hand and tells him to close his eyes tight. YoungJae does as he is told and Junior leads him out of their bedroom to the living room. He looks to Jaebum before he tells YoungJae to open his eyes. YoungJae gasp as he takes in the sight before him. There in the corner of the living room is a brand new black grand piano. YoungJae immediately recognizes it as the one that he saw in a little shop that he, Jaebum and Junior passed by a little while back. When he first saw it he fell in love instantly but he knew that they couldn't afford it. Now here it is sitting in their living room. "Baby , do you like it?" Jaebum and Junior ask walking over to YoungJae. YoungJae can only nod...he is at a loss for words as his eyes start to water. He runs and jumps on both of them "I love it hyungs!" he says. Both of the older boys hug their younger boyfriend smiling at one another. After a mintue YoungJae pulls back , puts his hands on Jaebum's face and kisses him. He turns to do the same to Junior. "I love you guys so much hyungs". #2youngjae
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@luna1171 yasss im obsessed with JJJ now and thank you!
Omg!! hahaha.. is this a JJJ story?? oh wow Aaliyah!?!! You go girl! ! lol
This is the cutest story. ūüėä