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Hey guys! So today's theme is "Older" Actors/Actresses, and I immediately thought of Sung Dong Il. Some of you might know him as the man that played the fatherly role in all three seasons of the drama "Reply". Some of you might know him as the funny man on a lot of variety shows such as "Good Day', "Choi Hong Man and Strong Friends", "Dad! Where Are We Going?", and "Off to School". Some of you, might not know who he is at all! So, without further ado, I present Sung Dong Il!
Sung Dong Il is an actor born on April 27, 1967. He made his acting debut in theater in 1987, and was then recruited at the 1991 SBS open talent auditions. He rose to fame as the comic, Jeolla dialect-speaking character Red Socks in the drama Eun-shil. After years of supporting roles in TV, his career was jump-started by the hit romantic comedy "200 Pounds Beauty" in 2006. He is now considered to be one of Korean cinema's most reliable supporting actors. Dong Il also gained a large amount of popularity after he and his son Joon starred in "Dad! Where Are We Going?", a reality/variety show featuring five male celebrities and their children on camping missions; his daughter Bin also joined him for the show's second season.
Honestly speaking, he is one of my favorite supporting actors. His roles fit his personality perfectly! Sometimes goofy, serious, sentimental... But always spot on, and interesting to watch.
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I totally agree with you. he is one of the best actors ever.
I loved him from the drama Reply