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Hey!! I have a combo ticket (2 seats; I have 2 combo tickets that are next to each other, and the combo tickets mean 2 days)) that are in section 111 for kcon 2016 in New York! They are p3 tickets. I am selling them, so if you want more information, comment or email me at swoopingisbad99@gmail.com!
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A combo ticket isn't 2 seats. It's a ticket good for both concerts since there are two concert nights now. So thus it's one ticket for two nights. Not got two seats. I was confused about this at first too, but I emailed the Kcon team and asked and what I mentioned above is correct.
@ChaErica yes that's right but I have two combo tickets that are next to each other, so I see how that's confusing, I'll fix it!
@swoopingisbad99 it's no problem I just didn't want people to be confused!