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Hello Everyone! Resident Ken Bug here to bring another fantastic Friday to close.
I need to find little moving elves, to help this process speed up. I don't like being behind or forgetting things -.-

➺ Ken Bug is a huge jokester. I'm afraid we'd be fighting over who the more humorous one was

➺ Let's Talk about that one time Ravi Punched my poor Bug. . .

☆Tsk Tsk Ravi. . . Sheesh. Why don't you tell him how you really feel, ha ey?☆

➺ OR that one time He made Hyukie stand up abruptly. . . and how Ken Flinched . . .

♧ Now I don't like instigating or anything. . . but look at how "innocent" Ravi looks. . He gets pretty excited that Ken is about to go down ♧
➺ Ladies, if you want to attract men, don't be like Ken. I don't know who told him that would work, but they


☆ Though I am shameless, and if I saw Ken, I probs would use his moves, to make a move ☆

➺ He's a goober and a half, but that is one of the reasons why I love him ♡

➺ Not to mention he's a LITTLE conceited. . and by little I mean A LOT.

ღ Vixxen Mod Squad ღ

ღ Tagging Requested ST☆RLIGHTS ღ

(Let us know in the link, if you want to be added or removed from the tag list)

I will post the game tomorrow, since it's game day. I'm so sorry for the wait, I have just been busy trying to get things ready to move. ♡♡ Thank you all for being patient with me.
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@LemonLassie Haha he's a pro at that!!
@AimeeH omg I need to see that card!! I love how Leo is towards N. It's so adorable!!
I can tag you in it dear! Give me a sec to find it! @xoxorittie
@AimeeH Omo thank you so much!! I can't wait to see it! 💖
@xoxorittie No problem at all dear!! ♡♡