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You stare at the board while waiting for the last bell to ring. You start to fiddle with your fingers wishing for the time to go faster. The reason why is no question. You get to see your very cute yet sexy boyfriend, Xiumin. Xiumin is one of the older years in your school, reason on why you anticipate on seeing him. He is the reason for you waking up every morning. Early this morning was different then the usual. Usually it's you and him walking to school but today he left you behind. You wondered on why but you came up with no answers. You heard the bell ring after minutes of waiting. You grabbed your bag and ran out the door to go find your boyfriend. In the way you met tons of his friends. You heard most of them call you noona as you past. You were close to walking out of the school when you felt something grab your wrist. You turned around and saw Sehun try to drag you the other way. "Sehun let me go~ I need to find Xiumin" You say trying to pry his hand off of your wrist. The only reply you get is a shake of a head. You sigh knowing that Sehun is stronger. Following Sehun you walked down tons of streets until you stopped at one. Sehun dragged you to a restaurant and left you there. You realised that you don't know where you are and walked inside and saw Xiumin laughing with a girl by his side. You felt saw horrible seeing this. Was he cheating? Well of course he is, can't you see him putting his arm around the girl and give her a peck on the cheek. "Miss are you okay?" a waiter asked. You didn't even realize she was there. You felt that your cheek was wet and looked at it. You then noticed that you had tears running down your face. You had to do something. You walked over to where Xiumin was and stood in front of them. Xiumin, who was not expecting it to be you, thought you were the waiter. "Can I have the couple special. It fits for us right jagiya?" Xiumin says putting down the menu and noticed it was you. He gasped and started to stutter incorrect words. "B-babe what a-are you doing h-h-here?" he asked. You just glared at him and grabbed a glass of water off the table and dumped it on him. "I'm saving my sorry ass from feeling hurt" You say, more like growl. You walk away and run home feeling empty inside. You slam everyone you could and cried yourself to sleep that night. Xiumin kept on trying to tell you what happened but you refused to listen. Little did you know, that was his little sister helping him relax with saying jagiya.