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MONSTA X 1year AnniversaryπŸ’™
As some of you may know Monsta x debuted may 14,2015 And its almost here May 14,2016 just one more day to goo!!!
Show how much you love and appreciate them by posting about ur bias or about all of them!!
They have gone so far and i'm proud to say that im a monbebe
My two biases are these two cute little things right here! I love them so much they both are very talented and cute.
Wonho is my second UB he is so adorable and his smile can melt worlds.
I.M is the cute little maknae i love his rapping and he can be funny and cute when he wants to be!! Hes so adorable
I hope monsta x goes far in their careers and makes it to the top I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! You can post ur card now or tomorrow i added mine here! Tag me in your card if you make one i want to know what you think about monsta x. Or u can comment here😊 Its the 14th in korea so


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It's hard having only one bias in this group, hu? That's why I also have 2 lol Btw, I want to do this but I feel like I already talk about Monsta X a lot and I don't want to annoy or sound like a broken record lol
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