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What comes of lies? Why does the truth hurt? When did I start becoming a monster?
AIRAM's (your) P.O.V As the water washed away the exhausting day I had today, my mind started to wander off into a dark place. I was starting to think of my horrible past. (Don't go there Airam, stop. Think about somthing else or nothing.) I started humming a song to distract myself. It still wasn't enough, so I thought about tomorrow, how I have classes then work, on how in the world I was going to get five grand and how I will get in trouble for not showing up to "eat" with my stepmother, cause like I had told my stepfather, I wasn't going and I didn't care about the punishment. I rather get beat or shot at then deal with her ass. I looked at my hands and realized I had been in the shower for to long, my fingers looked like dried up raisins. I got out and looked in the mirror. Reflecting back was my dark past, the self I hated and wish to forget. Not wanting to see myself any longer, I got dressed. I put on black sweat pants and a grey sweater, my jammies. I tried to dry my hair as much as possible with the towel, but my hair was to damn long and thick. It started to curl at the ends and frizz up. (Gosh I hate my hair, errrrr!) I yanked at it, wanting to chop it all off. As I opened the door to leave the bathroom, I squealed. Jimin was standing there and I almost ran into him, which he seemed to not care for. I grabbed at my chest, my heart pounding away. As I tried to calm down, Jimin spoke. "Who was the man you were talking to outside?" His voice was tight. "Like I said, none of your business, so butt out." I tried to get around him, but he used his body to block me. If I really wanted to, I could get around him, but instead I sighed once again and stood still. I was sure I was aging and losing a little bit of my soul everytime I sighed. "What's in the envelope?" His question made me twitch and I'm sure he saw it. I had to get him to drop the topic. I needed him to give up for mine and his safety. "You want to know? Fine, I'll show you." I said as I moved his arm out of my way. He followed me into my room. I grabbed the envelope and threw it at him. "There, check it yourself." I watched him as he opened it and read it, confusion forming in his eyes.
JIMIN's P.O.V I waited for her, I plan to find out who that man was. She was soaking wet, I watched as she took off her shoes, water spilling out of them. "Airam..." Saying her name felt funny to me. Her eyes went wide like a deer caught in headlights. "Who was that you were talking to?" I asked as calmly as I could. I wanted to approach her casually, but she's to hard to get close to. "None of your business." She voiced lowly as she stormed past me, slamming her bedroom door shut. I heard her lock the door. She was in there for a couple of minutes before coming out with her towel and clothes in hand, she completely ignored me. I paced around trying to think of a way to get her to tell me what was in the envelope. (she can't be part of them...right? No, no way, she's going to college and works alot, but that could be a cover...Jimin, if things go well then you will know if she is or isn't part of the Black Dragons or working for them.) I rolled my shoulders and waited right outside the bathroom door, I was just going to directly ask her, straight up. I heard her humming in the shower, and chuckled to myself. She took about 20 minutes to shower, giving me enough time to calm down. The door swung open and she almost ran into me. She wasn't expecting me to be that close, a squeal escaped her lips, which I thought was cute. It was the first time I've seen her slightly scared. Her hair was still wet and I saw a droplet of water travel down her beautiful neck and disappearing into the shirt. I suddenly felt hot, stuffy, as I let my mind wonder to how she looked underneath those clothes. (JIMIN! FOCUS!) I snapped my attention back to her, to my question. "Who was the man you were talking to outside?" I asked as she tired to compose herself. I hoped she wouldn't dodge the question, that she would answer me honestly, but in this world there is no such thing as Honesty. "Like I said, none of your business, so butt out." She said as she tired to get around me, but I blocked her in by using my body. She sighed, a sign that looked like she had given up, so I took the chance to ask my next question. "What's in the evelope?" I saw her twitch, I caught her off guard and made her nervous, and I knew I made her nervous because she kept licking her lips, which I couldn't help, but start at. (FOCUS.) "You want to know? Fine, I'll show you." She said as she moved my arm out of the way. Her answer made me feel suspicious, but at the same time, I felt relieved. I followed her into her room and saw her grab the yellow envelope off her desk and she threw it at me. "There, check it yourself." I opened then envelope and took out what was inside. I pulled out some drawing, money, and a letter. I read the letter and found myself feeling confused and hopeful. Nothing gave any indication that she was envovled with the Black Dragons. I looked at Airam, she stood there in front of me with her arms crossed and a blank expression. She tilted her head to the side waiting for some kind of reaction from me. "Well~ happy now?" She asked, I just looked at her. "The man was my lawyer and he came to deliver this to me." she said, pointing at the things in my hand. "Those drawings, I drew. A stupid loser of a friend, took those and some others and sold them, which is where those five hundred dollars came from. It belongs to me." she continued. "It's also the reason I hid it inside my jacket, I didnt want my art work to get destoryed." " That letter, as you read, is my friend trying to get me to work for him and help him out and he made it into a contract, which I won't sign." she walked to her desk, grabbing a black notebook and handed it to me. (What did the notebook have anything to do with all this?) Flipping through it, I saw more drawings similar to the ones in my hands. Her drawing skills were amazing. I closed it up and handed it back to her. "Any other questions?" She took the envelope and everything that was in it and threw it onto her bed. I stayed silent for a bit, trying to processed everything. It was believable, but two thing. "Since when does a lawyer hit his client?" I asked. (Try to wiggle yourself out of that one.) Her right eyebrow shot up and she press her lips together. "I pissed him off by saying something I shouldn't. Plus he is also family." She answered without a second thought. "He is my stepmother's cousin. He is trying to help me find my biological mother's will." I found out something new about Airam. Her mother, was no longer amongst the living.
AIRAM's (your) P.O.V. When I took Jimin into my room and gave him what he wanted, I felt relieved that I had replace my mission, that was in the envelope, with my art and a letter that my stepbrother, Dan, gave me a while back. I was happy that lump-nut didn't mention anything about what kind of work he wanted me to do, also his hand writing was messy as hell so no one could really understand what he wrote. Before showering, I actually hid the real files under my matress. You can say I am, somewhat, paranoid and for good reason. In honesty, I had tons of big yellow envelopes that I used to keep my art or any other junk I had. I asked Jimin if he had any other question and I was prepare for what he said next, I knew it was coming. Lying was becoming second nature to me. Now, what I wasn't prepare for was what he said after that. "Your lawyer/ Uncle is part of the Black Dragons?" he said crossing his arms. (SHHHIT....He must have seen the tattoo. Damn Jimin, you got good eyes, wanna trade?) I panicked a little. "Black what, what?" I pretend not to understand while cursing my stepfather and gangs for having to get tattooes where it's visible. "Black Dragon, a mafia group, a gang. Don't play dumb, I saw the tattoo." He's features harden and his voice was fill of aggravation. "Eh...OH! The tattoo?" I said coming up with a lie on the spot. "It's fake, he has a daughter who wants to be a tattoo artist and he is her model." I observed him carefully. "She supposedly drew some kind of flower with vines, thorns and a red pearl. Also, if you had been up closer you would have seen that the rain was washing it off." I shrugged my shoulders and sat on my bed. " Now if that is all, I need sleep, I also have to get up extra early tomorrow cause I have an exam, which I haven't had time to study for." Jimin said nothing, he just stood there staring at me. (Please go, please go, please believe my lies...) He slowly turned around and left my room, closing the door behind him. I let out air that I didnt know I was holding in, and let myself slide off my bed, onto my floor. (God, Jimin why are you so nosey. I'm starting to regret not kicking you out the moment Amy brought you.... My normal life, don't slip away.) I past out again, this time on the floor. I checked the time, it was 2 in the morning. I was starting to wonder what had woken me up until I heard voices. Slowly and quietly, I crawled towards my door, pressing my ear up against it, trying to hear. It was muffled, but one thing for sure, there was more then just one person. As quietly as I could, I turned my door knob, slightly opening it. I peeked out and saw a soft glow coming from the dining room which is next to my room. I couldn't see who was all there, but I could hear them clearly. Jimin and two others, one male and one female. "What did the boss say?" A male voice spoke. "He has a mission for all three of us. We have two targets this time." Jimin answered. "The targets, wanted dead or alive?" A female voice asked. "Doesn't matter." Jimin replied. "Sounds like a lot of work...ugh... You two can handel it." The male sounded agitated. "Why are you always so damn lazy, Suga!" The female respond. "Why you so damn annoying, Momo." Suga said, sarcastically. "SHHH...keep it down." Jimin hushed. " My roommate is sleeping or did you two forget." Silence. "Well just text me the deets later and I'll get to work." Suga said. I heard footsteps getting closer. "I'mma head out, see ya." "Ok, bye." Jimin said. I shrank back into my dark room, as I saw them walk past, heading toward the door. "Momo, you coming?" Suga asked as he put on his shoes. Suga had minty blue color hair, he was pretty pale and tall. He was wearing a black trench coat and torn up blue jeans. (Hmp, handsome) "No, I'm staying." Momo said as she leaned on Jimin. Suga just shrugged his shoulders and left. Momo was short and had long blonde hair. She wore a purple long sleeve crop top and black skinny jeans.(Pretty) I panicked when Jimin suddenly turned around, looking at my door. (CRAP!) He stared walking, getting closer. As fastly as I could and as quietly, I crawled to the middle of my room where I had been earlier and laid on my stomach, pretending to be asleep. I made it in time, just as Jimin walked in. I could barely hear his footsteps. I knew he was close, really close. I almost jumped when I felt his cool fingers brush my hair out of my face. (I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping...shoo, shoo....Wait? What the hell are you doin'?! Put me down, now Jimin!) Slowly and carefully, he picked me off the floor and laid me in my bed, pulling the covers up. I waited a few minutes after he left before springing out of my bed. I walked around my room, occasionally stopping to make sure he wasn't going to come back to check up on me. (Airam, he won't come back. He's to busy with that girl.) I sat at my desk, propping my head up. (What mission? What targets? Who is wanted dead or alive? Airam think....Jimin...he cant, NO waaay, thats silly...right?) I got up and started pacing again. I couldn't be still. (What do I even know about him. Jimin doesn't look like a killer, but neither do I.... but the stuff he said sounded like things my stepdad says.) I stopped and faced my door. (Jimin, are you an emeny? Are you part of the underworld, in a gang?)
JIMIN's P.O.V I wanted to believe Airam, I wanted to believe everything she was telling me, but something told me I shouldn't. I texted Suga and Momo, co-workers, buddies of mine. To MoMo & Suga >Hey, be here by 2. NO NOISE!< >And suga, DON'T be LATE." Suga had a habit of showing up late for every meeting. His excuse was that he was sleeping. From Suga >Got it< From MoMo > K~ Is it okay if I stay the night?< I thought about it, not sure if it was a good idea. To MoMo > Yeah, it's fine, but you may be questioned by my roommie in the morning." I wasted time by playing games on my phone, time flew by fast. Around one in the morning I decided to check on Airam. When I opened her door I found her sleeping on the floor. She looked like a starfish, arms and legs out. I heard her light breathing. I called her name a couple of times to see if she was actually asleep. No reaction. she was out like a light. At two in the morning I got a text. From Momo > HERE~ ^^ < I let her in and Suga followed right behind her. ( The boy actually made it on time...huh.) I had to admit, I was somewhat surprised. I mentioned for them to follow me into the dining room. Once we all got situated, I told them I was going to call our boss and report to him. "How did it go? " Was the first thing my boss asked when he answered. "Everything went without a hitch, sir. The target is terminated." I replied. " I have new informantion on YoungSun. He seems to be plotting to make a move against The BangTan gang who have recently taken residents south from my location." "Well done." Boss said. Silences filled the line for a minute before he spoke again."Any news on Jin?" "...No....Still haven't heard back from him, sir..." Jin was a friend of mine and a co-work as well. He was on the job, scouting and collecting informantion on recent gang activity. " It's been almost a month, sir." " Suga and Momo there?" Boss changed the subject. "Yes, sir." I said looking at them both. "Good, I have a mission for you three. This time the targets are the Assassins known as Death Angel and the Black Wolf. Find out who they are and capture them, dead or alive." He said with a grave voice. "Yes, sir." And with that, the call ended. Suga asked me what our boss said and I told them, trying not to get into to much detail for in case Airam woke up and over heard us. There wasn't much information about the targets we were given. The Death Angel had recently struck, wiping an entire low level gang in the east. No one knew what this person looked like. The title was given due to how there was no survives when encountering him and he always leaves his mark with the blood of his victims. A skull with wings. He kills anyone and everyone. There also wasn't any information on the so called Black Wolf. This one comes and goes. Only attacking lowlifes. The Black Wolf always tears his vitcim's thoart and you find what looks like claw marks, scratches on the bodies. There hasn't been any recent activities for almost over a year. I hope it stays that way. "SHHH....Keep it down." Suga and Momo were starting to agrue, their voice getting louder. "My roommate is sleeping or did you two forget." I was worried Airam may have been woken. I listened to see if maybe she was up. "Well, just text me the deets later and I'll get to work." Suga said as he stood up. "I'mma head out, see ya." "Ok, bye." I said as we headed towards the front door. "Momo, you coming?" Suga asked her while putting his shoes on. "No, Im staying." Momo replied as she came up next to me and leaned on me, grabbing my arm. Suga shrugged at her answer, not really caring, and left. I decided to check up on Airam, her bedroom door was slightly cracked and I remembered closing it. (Huh...That's odd...) I pushed her door open and walked in, she was still sleeping on the floor, but she had flipped over onto her stomach. I crouched down next to her, listening to her breathing. I moved her hair out of her face, wanting to see it. She looked peaceful, sleeping. I knew in the morning she would regret falling alseep on the floor. She's done it multiple times and I always hear her complaining in the morning. Amy even complain about her complain about sleeping on the floor. As carefully as I could, trying not to wake her, I picked her up in my arms and walked over to her bed, laying her down and covering her up, before leaving. I made sure the doors and windows were all locked and I turned off all the lights before heading into my room, that use to be Amy's. Momo was waiting for me, she had changed into one of shirts and was sitting on my bed, doing something on her phone. I changed into a pair of sweat pants and a white T-shirt. I grabbed my laptop and quickly wrote my report, sending it to my boss. Momo set her phone down and turned to me, closing my laptop shut. I put it away and turned off the lights.
AIRAM's (Your) P.O.V. 5 a.m. My alarm going off gave me a mini heart attack. I looked around my room, confused and tired. I got up and shuffled around knowing, in the back of my head, that it was time for me to get ready for school. I walked out of my room and looked around before throwing myself on the sofa. I stared off in the direction of Amy's old room, Jimin's room now. My brain started replaying last night conversations and vistors, along with trying to do math problems and singing GOT7's song "Fly". My brain was always way to active in the morning. I could never shut it up. Actually, it was always active, day and night. I'm an over-thinker, it's what get's me into trouble and out of it. I got up off the sofa and went to go take a shower, trying to wake up. The shower was no help, I still wasn't fully all here. I got dressed so slowly. I wore my favorite torn-up black skinny jeans and a royal blue long sleeve dress shirt. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and walked out the bath surprised by a girl who was at the entrance putting her black boots on. (Oh, I almost forgot about her...her name...uh...Momo?) Jimin came out of the bedroom, his black hair full of cowlicks and eyes filled with sleep. ( heart...) I had a thing for cowlicks for some strange reason, it makes me want to fangirl. (I'm going crazy...sigh) "What are you doing up so early?" Jimin asked. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or the girl, so I didn't respond, instead I went to grab my jacket and bookbag, swinging it onto my shoulder. I walked past both of them and put on my combat boots and left. I had to be at school early for my exam and since I don't have a car nor do I want to spend money on a texi, I had to wake up earlier then normal since I walk to school. Got to make sure I make it on time. It was about 15 to 20 minutes away. I wasn't to worried about not studying, I knew I could and would pass it. Everyone in my class knew I had nothing to worry about. Most of my grades were 85 and up, rarely did I get lower. My walk to school was peaceful, relaxing as I listened to music, even though it was really cold outside. I realized half way that I forgot my glasses, which made since as to why everything seemed blurry to me. (Agh, I'll go back to get them after the exam. I just need to squint and I'll be able to make out the words.) I arrived at school right on time and took my exam, which seemed easy to me. As long as it envolved math, science, or art, I'm good. The exam took about 30 minutes, after that I decided to head back home to get my glasses before going to my classes. I had my basics, art, and dance. I also took music classes because my mother loved music, she would always sing to me. How I missed that. My classes were spaced out and I didn't really have to go to the lectures, my grade were... Great, to be exact. As I was leaving the building I heard my name being called. "Airam! Ai~ wait up!" I turned around and saw a boy with firey orange color hair, run towards me. I waited for him to catch up. "What's up, V?" I asked. "Where ya goin'? " He asked, slightly out of breath. "I'm heading back home, I forgot my glasses." I responded. V wasn't his actual name, it was Taehyung. "Aaah, made if I join you?" I looked at him. " I forgot something too." He said. "What?" I asked as we walked along side each other. "My wallet." I laugh. Taehyung always forgot something. He one time for got his right shoe, he was half alseep of course, but it was hilarious to see him walking around all day with a shoe missing. "Hey, what time did you leave this morning? I didn't see you." He sked me. "Mmmm, around 5:30 I believe." I said. His eyes went wide and his mouth popped open. "THAT EARLY!? Whoa..." Taehyung shook his head in disbelief. "Yup, I had an exam at 6." He just nodded his head. Taehyung was probably one of the few people I trust, maybe the only one. I met him the day I moved into the apartment. He lives right below me and we go to the same college, so we often ran into each other and we just kind of hit it off. We were both weird people and we get along well. Most of the times we walk to and from school together. We reached the apartments around 7. "Well this is were we part ways for now, haha." Taehyung said as we reached the third floor. " You are going back right? " He asked. "I don't know, I was actually thinking about going to work to pick up my pay check and see what my schedule is for this week." I said, scratching the back of my neck. "Aaah ok, will see ya later, Ai." he waved goodbye as I made my way to the fourth floor. "See ya, V!" I waved back. I waited for him to disappear into his apartment before I continued walking up the stairs. I walked into my place, not bothering to take off my shoes since I was going to be quick. There was no sign of life in the apartment, Jimin must have gone out, probably work. I ran into my room and grabbed my glasses off my desk and put them on my face. "Ah, much better." I said out loud, happy that I could see now. I walked out if my room and froze. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" I asked Momo who was now standing in the entrance looking surpirsed to see me here in my own home. "Im sorry, I just came back because I forgot my earrings here." She respond. I just watched her, slowly walking to the crouch that seperated us. I placed a hand on the sofa pillow. She was lying and I knew it. "You didn't wear any earrings." I saw her tense up. "What are you talking about? I did..." she paused, her brows knitting together as she pondered. I saw her hand slowly sit on her waist and her right hand was further behind her back. I knew that move. "YOU. DIDN'T. HAVE. ANY. EARRINGS." I repeated. The moment I saw her pull her hand out from behind her back, I grabbed the pillow and chucked it at her at the same time I heard a bang, diving back into my room, I slamming the door shut and put my desk chair up againgst it. I knew I didn't have much time, for she had a gun. I reached for my black duffle bag that I had under my bed, like I said im paranoid, and ran to my window. I crawled out and started to make my way down. I stopped at the window right below mine and pushed it open at the moment I heard a sound coming from above me where I was just in. I climbed inside and close the window quickly locking it. I prayed that she hadn't seen me going in. ( What the hell was that!? Who the HELLis she?!) I knew no one heard the gun shot, only I did cause she had a silencer and the walls were thick. (Why was she in my house! HOW'D she even get in?!) To unlock my door you either need a key or a card and had to know the four digit passcode. All the apartments had it. (JIMIN! DAMN YOU!) I was a 100% sure he gave it to her because I sure as hell didnt. "Ai noona?" I spun around almost falling. There before me stood Taehyung's roommate, a boy fresh out of the shower with only jeans on, water dripping off him Jet black hair. "Jungkook..."
That's the end of chapter 2. Hope you enjoyed it!! I'll try to have a chapter out every week, but no promises. Please tell me what you think, did you like it or no? Who is this Death Angel? Who is this Black wolf? What is Jimin's role in all this? Enemy or friend? Momo an enemy? What do you think will happen next? TAGS: @KpopGaby @harukachiharu @Izzy987 @Alyessiazavala @HayleyYates @IsoldaPazo @JaxomB @ammagrande @SarahWise @EsmeraldaCherry @KarlythePanable @resavalencia @BetseyBleau @EleanorKriegel @VIPFreak2NE1 @MaritessSison @Eliotiz13 @paligurl2846
SO HAPPY THAT I'M DONE WITH CHAPTER 2, I'm happy with how it came out too! I literaly dance, just like that ⬆☝lol No lies. Well peace, until next time! ~Luz o
P.S. Sorry for any misspells, I tried to find them all, but I'm sure some snuck past me. BYE.
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