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Made it to part 5 yey! I have to say this is just the most ridiculous story I have ever written. So I don't have to much to say. It's late and haven't had much sleep lately so not functioning to full complicity. So I'm just get to the story. Hopefully pictures will keep me up and bring smiles to faces!
I needed happy pictures! I got pictures off internet so whoever made some of these Yey Good job! Thank you!
P.S. I have a random question! so I am having the girls and guys do commentary for a movie, would people be interested in hearing that? It had turned out extremely long but it is funny. should I post it or not?
“So are we going to pick a movie to watch?” I questioned.
“I don’t know, what are the options?” she questioned.
“Well lets see, There’s captain america, Divergent, Rio, Muppets most wanted, Grand Piano for american movies and than Man in love and way back home in korean” I listed the ones of the screen.
“Oh Grand Piano is is a thriller” I pointed out.
“No, Ari no. you will most likely laugh the entire time just coming up with things that they should do instead” she pointed out.
“But but, why-”
“No, and no to Divergents” she added. I pouted.
“Fine, hey let’s see if some others want to start the movie with us” I said looking over at panther, except he was immersed in a movie already with headphones on and watching what looked like captain america.
“Hey hey J hope, Tae, do you guys want to watch a movie?” she asked.
“How? You sit in lap?” he questioned. I burst out laughing hearing only the last four words.
“I’d be down for that” she said brightly.
“I’m sure you would be” I mumbled.
Tae just stared back at her, surprised. It made us laugh.
“I had meant we all start the movie at the same time” she said.
“Do some commentary, point at scenes and laugh” I added.
“Oh” he made a noise than nodded. He turned back around and said something in korean to the other guys, who nodded away.
“So Korean movie or american?” I questioned.
“American” J hope chipped in.
“Korean!” Jimin called out.
“American” Suga called out next.
“American” Rap Monsta called.
“American” Jin said.
“I see muppets!” Jungkook said.
“Kooki” Trinity called out. “Muppets yes!” she added.
“Rio!” I said.
“That eight american and one korean, american wins” J hope said.
“Yey!” I cheered.
“Muppets!” Trinity and Kooki and tae said.
“No, Rio” I countered.
“What about Grand Piano?” Rap Monsta called out.
“No” Trinity called out.
“Yes!” I said at the same time.
“Yes” J hope said. “I want to hear you laugh” he added looking at me, which totally made me blush.
“Awe thanks” I said bashfully. “I want to know if the killer eats pancakes at the end” I admitted to Trinity. She burst out laughing.
“With a straight face in a small dinner” she said remembering the movie ‘Final Girl’
“At least there are no knifes around. After that you went into the kitchen and on every counter there was a knife and than you ate pancakes” she said before laughing.
“I had pancakes” I said. “Wait, how did you know I actually ate them?” I questioned skeptically.
“Because its you, and duh, yummy pancakes vs ramen. I knew what you would go after” she said like it was a simple enough to know.
“Good point. Yes, I ate them, but I did not kill anybody” I told her.
“So, Grand Piano?” J hope edged.
“Yes” there were several who said.
“Grand Piano it is!” J hope nodded.
“And Arianna?” he looked at me.
“Yup?” I asked.
“Thankfully, there are no pancakes on the plane.” he stated.
. . .
Dun Dun Dun
“Before we start the movie I just thought of something” Trinity said angling to look at me. “I wanna say I wanna be a tiger, cause a tiger can probably take a bear plus it’s a tiger that’s a kitty. I love tigers, plus bears are big fluffy things. Man is a tiger asian too. Is there a white tiger I wanna be the white tiger that way I can be big, And a panda” she gave her speech.
I stared at her. J hope looked over at her as did Tae.
“There’s white tigers? That would be so cool. I’m right there with you. I wanna be a white Tiger. Look at my white fur and black stripes” he ran his hands through his hair as if demonstrating.
“I’d be a bear, there big fluffy and ferocious. They also take long naps” J hope said in response. “What?” he questioned at the looks we gave him.
“I’m still a panda and I’ll dominate by eating bamboo loudly and biting you all to keep you from eating me!” I proclaimed. “I got chompers!” I stated.
“Wait I have sharp teeth I can still do some major damage” Trinity said.
“Well than I’ll hide behind the bear, you won’t hurt J hope will you?” I pointed out choosing to hide instead.
“That is chicken shit and you know it. You know I wouldn’t harm J hope” she laughed.
“And I’ll protect you so she can’t eat you” J hope said.
“It’s okay it would be two against two. I’ll take out bear and Trinity can take out Panda” Tae said. I stared at him in horror as did J hope and Trinity and him just grinned evily.
“You wouldn’t” J hope said.
“I would” he said.
“Team White Tiger Bro” Trinity said and high fived Tae.
“Damn. First one of you threatens to shoot me and now one wants to eat me. What is with the violence” I questioned.
“Who said they would shoot you?” J hope questioned. I just point in front of him.
“Suga. Right after he pulled a gun on the wolf” trinity said.
“Hey what are you talking about?” Suga leaned over his seat so that he could look at all of us.
“That you wanted to shoot me and now Tae is going to eat me!” I exclaimed.
“What?’ he looked bewildered. “I thought we were watching a movie” he said.
“Have you already started?” Trinity questioned.
“Yes. Me and Rap have already started. Five minutes in” he said.
“What no. You can’t. Alright let us catch up otherwise you’ll do spoilers” Tae whined.
“Than start the movie” Suga looked over at the other three who were already into the movie.
“Stop!” J hope pushed at the nearest member to get his attention.
“You are the only ones. The ones who suggested this” Suga commented.
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