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Prologue _ * _ * _ * When she was a block away from the school, she stopped, taking time to collect herself so a smile would appear easier. She did this everyday, even he noticed it as he stalked from the background. "Just breathe and smile. No one needs to know because nobody cares." She would repeat this a few times before she would finally start moving towards the school with a smile plastered. It looked really convincing. He thought the smile had belonged to the happiest person in the world until he looked at her empty eyes by chance one day. Immediately as she entered the school she was surrounded by the students who adored her. "Good morning, everyone!" it was the usual thing she said, her face never faltering. It amazed him how well she hid everything. Today he couldn't stand it though. She seemed to be getting even worse and today was no exception. He needed to satisfy his curiosity before it was too late. He needed to know just what was going on inside that head of hers. And so he pulled her from the crowd towards the back of the school. She didn't even fight it or speak out all she did was keep that damn smile on. "Can I help you?" The first words she's ever said to him... "No... and I can't help you either." Her face contorted into a confused one, yet somehow she still managed to smile. It was like she was afraid that once is was gone it wouldn't come back. "Then what do you need?" "Let's be friends. I can tell that you need help. I can't give that to you but I want to get to know some things before you go and off yourself." 'Very blunt...' He never once showed emotion in his face, even now, he always had on an unbreakable poker face. "I'm guessing you suffer from depression or something?" "Why of course. Otherwise I never would've cared about you and your problems." "I see..." she hestitated. "Why should I spend my time with you, as you said I'm only going to be around a little longer." "Because your last days should be spent with all your secrets spilling." She sighed sitting in the grass laying her head on the wall behind her, dropping her smile. Only then it evident that their was nothing to her anymore. "Why not?" He sat down beside her, mesmerized by her face. "Shall we start?" "Sure." she looked at him waiting for him to continue. "Ask away." "What happened? Like what triggered it? " She blinked a few times and forced a chuckle. "You think something has to happen to get depression? Some of us are just unlucky." "No, but for most it does. For me it was abuse and abandonment. What's you're story?" Another sigh and silence as she dug throughout her body for will to speak. "Honestly, I was just born like this. Which makes me feel even worse about it. I was never bullied, my family is loving and caring... something in my mind just screams at me as if I'm just dirt to trample on. It's like i have no control as i just watch the world continue." She paused. "Totally oblivious to the side of it I live in." Silence filled the air as they stared at the small, school garden in front of them. It had a small pond with little flowers and trees spread about. It was calming for him. The bell rang for first period. And she moved to get up when he grabbed her arm just enough for her to feel it and stop. "You agreed you only have a few more days. Why keep up appearances?" "Well if I don't want to be stopped I need to act normal right? Wouldn't want my freedom stripped from me." she said reaching out her hand which he took pulling himself up. They walked to the front of the school and she forced that plastic smile on making him feel sick. He hated fakers. "I found it easier to cope when I stopped pretending." was the only reply she got before he walked inside. She quickly followed as she replayed his words in her head laughing a bit. "It's the opposite for me." she whispered as she walked to her class. Before she walked in to her class she saw the boy enter the classroom next to hers. She decided to listen as the teacher called his name. "Mr. Yibo, why are you late again?" Before she could hear his reply she entered her classroom and greeted the teacher. "I am so sorry Ms. Zung Pao." she bowed before heading towards her seat. The smile still on her face. "Just don't be again, Ms. Y/N." "Of course." And so the day continued...'10.' that's all she repeated in her head. She blocked his face out of her mind. She wasn't going to change her mind so easily. And they both knew that.
omgzz you choose my bias I love this story even if it's sad tag me plz thanks oh tag me in future cards
please tag me.
Good choice....I only know Uniq a little
this sounds like it's gonna be an interesting story. keep up the good work!
Oh I love this! And I love UNIQ. 馃槃
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