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I'm sorry I love EXO but not the fans. a few years ago the Fandom for EXO tend to ruin things for me. Now it seems to be that they are at it again or someone else. Supposedly BTS are plagiarizing EXO School ID cards. Truthfully I don't think BTS chose that idea and that it was the SK Telecom that chose that idea. I am just expressing my opinion.
I blame allkpop more than anyone for trying to stir up trouble. Anyone with a brain can just look at album titles and see where the concept came from.
I love the idea and big whoop. Yeah Exo had it first but it's not like it had trademark like LunaCordero said. Anyone can use the idea. So everyone needs to chill about it. Fans need to learn that yeah someone will have the cards but the cards are awesome and I enjoy both bts and exo
It's not EXO or BTS, it's allkpop being a pain in the butt. EXO doesn't own the school concept, BTS doesn't own the school concept, end of story. I love both groups and this is just ridiculous.
honestly I think it's just another way to whine about something! the bottom line is this no one owns one idea unless it has been trademarked. if not then it's free game! I think the cards are cute for both groups and I think people need to focus on hoping for the best for each group!
I. think people just like drama. It not even that serious it not like the group's have control over any specific idea or concert. No own the concept "School"or Youth". Fans are re crazy
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