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The Lost Card

So, I had spent quite a bit of time making a very elaborate card detailing skin care routines. When I went to finish it, it had mysteriously vanished, and not even the help of the amazing @marshalledgar and @Helixx could bring it back. Which gave me the idea to theme it, and changed the thought behind it.

What kind of benefits do you get from your routine?

Refined pores? Age prevetion? Fine lines blurred and erased? Oil control?? The list is endless. The main message I hear and read everyday from people across the nation is "I want to feel pretty." So, what exactly makes us feel pretty? Is it the $84.00 price tag on our Super Line Preventor Xtreme Serum? That amazing glow and suppleness from Advanced Night Repair? I think it is simply the routine itself.

Mom-a-saur (noun)

Some days, by the time I get home, I feel just tryannical (get it? haha...yeah I know). Going into the bathroom, closing the door, and beginning my face routine is the most calming thing in the world. Not counting a bottle of Jose, and a full boil bath. The moment I touch the make-up remover to my skin, I start to feel calm. Something about going through the motions makes me feel completely at peace, focused and centered. Why though?

Sexy Beast R@WR!

It makes me feel pretty. I cleanse and tone, begin my layers, and I start to feel that glimmer of joy shine through. Why does it make me feel that way? Because it's the one thing I do every single day that is all about me, for me, by me. My routine has been peiced together, bit by bit, layer by layer, by me. I made it just for me. I do it just for me. It's 180% pure selfish...and I LOVE it.

*key Westside Story soundtrack*

In the morning, I wake up feeling like a dinosaur, again, but the moment I have my face time, I feel like I can wrestle a triceratops and win. This self-love is so much more of a benefit than anything else the products can offer. This feeling of "I am pretty" is the confidence booster. The reaffirmation that I am worth it, and I can so totally do it. I totally wish I could share that feeling with every person, and paint the world with that little glow of happiness. Cheezy, but the best way I could describe it. That brings me to my question, because I really want to know:

What does your routine do for you? What makes you feel pretty?

credit for all graphics to artists responsible for creation. Main (top) graphic credit @ James Vaughn Photo. @hikaymm @jordanhamilton @marshalledgar @danidee @BBxGD @ButterflyBlu @alywoah @Helixx @ZoilaObregon @cindystran p.s. if you don't want to be tagged. let me know and vice versa
this is soooo awesome and I can totally agree that parts of my routine are totally selfish! it just feels great to feel great about your skin & how you're caring for it. I love this card so much-- awesome ^^
Awesome card! @petname83 My routine mainly focus on refining pore and dull skin. I'm also a mask hoarder. In fact, I just did one last night. When my skin is healthy it makes me feel pretty. Also, a good hair day makes me feel pretty.
@marshalledgar lol I would kill for dental implants. every I tell myself "this is it! This year I'm gonna do it" then I total my anticipated bills and cost of living for the coming year and sob softly to myself
thanks @petname83 you reminded me!!!! I need some cosmetic dentistry too. make that $25k
@marshalledgar that is awesome. I don't do chemical peels, but I have a small hoard of masks and packs that I cycle through. I am a supporter of cosmetic surgery and dentistry. good luck with the credit line!
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