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Yis hello, tis me, back again. This is a little fluff with the love of my life. Hope you like it, and feel free to request ^-^ (also, read to the end for an important announcement!)
"Babyyyyyy I already said sorryyyyyy." The whiny voice of your usually bubbly boyfriend said from the other side of the locked bedroom door. For the past hour he had relentlessly been trying to get you to talk to him. "Sorry doesn't fix everything Hoseok!" He winced at your icy tone. You never called him by his name unless you were really angry. Let's recap. It was Friday. Meaning the day before was Thurday. Which also meant that it was Together Day Thursday. Thurday was the one day of the week were Hobi could manage to sneak away and spend the entire 24 hour period with you. You both would watch movies, nap together, or having naughty times ;) But he forgot. The fact that he forgot wasn't even what got you upset. What made you upset was that he was out and about with the boys all night long, ignoring your calls and texts. You knew he read them. When he had walked in that afternoon, you were sitting in the living room, just scrolling through your phone. He jumped beside you, draping his arm around your shoulders, pressing a quick peck to your temple, all innocent like. "Whatcha doin jagi?" Hobi asked, a smile plastered on his face. "Wow, so you actually remembered to come home?" you asked in mock surprise. You shrugged his arm off, standing up as you made your way to the bedroom you shared with him. His head tilted in confusion, before he groaned and smacked his forehead. "Hoseok pabo!" He muttered to himself. Quickly following after you, he reached out to grab your arm, but barely grazed your elbow, as you quickened your walking pace. "Jagiiiiii, I'm sowwyyyy." He cooed in his best ageyo voice. Ageyo was your biggest weakness and he knew it, but somehow you managed to brush it off and slammed the bedroom door behind you. Hobi was about to turn the knob before he heard the sound of the lock clicking. He sighed and leaned his forehead against the door. "I'm not giving up!" He yelled through the door. ~ an hour later ~ And that leads us to where we were. "Babyyyyyy I already said sorryyyyyy." "Whatever!" you said, cuddling your favorite blanket. It was a thin blanket, but it was thick enough to keep you warm. It was made of a soft blue material and had little white spirals scattered about. Hobi had gotten it for you both to share a month after you had moved in together. You loved nothing more then to snuggle it when Hoseok was touring or stuck in the studio. It smelled of the cologne he always wore, and it gave you the most comforting sense when you were sad. From outside the room, Hobi had retrived his phone and began to play the audio to your favorite song written by his group. I Like It always had a special place in your heart because loved how your boyfriend's singing voice sounded. Yor ears perked up as the soft music started. Hobi began reciting the lyrics while you got up and sat at the door, ear pressed against the wood, with a glowing smile making its way to your mouth. When the song reached Hobi's part, you opened the door, catching him by surprise. His voice stumbled at first but he quickly recovered. He stepped into the room and placed his phone on the dresser. Then his hands settled on your hips, his forehead placed on yours as he gazed into your eyes, a loving glow in them. When the song ended, he buried his face in your neck, brushing over the skin with his lips in a light butterfly way, making you giggle at the tickling sensation left behind. "I'm so sorry I forgot jagi ~" He whispered into your ear, kissing under it once he had finished talking. You pulled him closer, resting your hands on his shoulders. "You're forgiven, just promise that you won't do it again ok?" you mumbled, before softly covering his lips with your own, making him smile. When you both had pulled away, he spoke quietly. "I promise." Ugh I gave myself feels XD. Anywho, about my announcement. I recently made a tumblr blog that I'm gonna dedicate to short stories and fake texts all about Seventeen!!! ^-^ if you want, go check me out, request stuff if you feel like it. It's a brand new blog so there isn't anything posted yet except my intro. My username is jeonghanscinnamonbun XP Once again, hope you enjoyed, feel free to request and also let me know if you wanna be tagged in my future cards ^-^
@mrsjeon Pshhhh totally knew that XD
I don't know that band but I can do some research, I'm sure I can write a decent story. And of course I can, no problem. Glad you liked it ^-^
I'm spamming u with crush now I'm going to make u fall in love with him *^*
he's actually a solo singer :3 mwuahahaha n TYYYY
1) I have to make a tumblr now bc yes I need to follow you 2) Can I please be tagged because this is adorable n omf 3) can I request crush :3