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V or Kookie? :)

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ALSO. @mrsjeon gave me the idea of Angst Week...whatcha think?

Gazing through the windowpane Namjoon took a deep breath. He was standing outside the shop where you worked at, wondering if he should go or not inside. He looked at his watch, checking if he was there too early; this idea had been on his mind for several days by now and today he finally gathered confidence and decided to take a chance and visit you at your workplace to ask you out.
Namjoon considered all of his options and thought that maybe showing up there was a little bit overboard, but he liked you quite a lot, so he didn’t want to wait anymore. He’d thought about it for a while now, he’d met you trough common friends and until know only got the chance to see you at parties and social reunions, always with people around but he wanted a more intimate approach with you, like a proper date.
So it was now or never
He walked inside the store, his head and expectations high, and moved towards the center knowing that your shift was about to start, so it was time for him to show himself up there. Namjoon looked around and his eyes were searching for you, trying to catch a glimpse of your silhouette among the people inside.
Namjoon didn’t see you, so he thought about asking someone where you were. He walked towards the shop’s counter, calling for the attention of one of your coworkers.
-Hello, do you know where Y/N is?-
Your coworker looked at him with curiosity, it was the first time seeing him asking for you and he didn’t know if he should tell him your whereabouts. –She’s not here- he said, and it was actually true, you were out for lunch at the moment.
-And do you know by any means where she is? -
The guy denied with his head answering Namjoon’s question. –I think she might be here in half an hour or so-
-Ok, I’ll wait for her here, just let her know when you see her, please-
He moved a little bit to the side, examining the surroundings until something caught his eyes. There was a photo of you on the wall to his left; so he walked closer thinking that maybe it was a funny picture from one of your IDs.
When he was mere inches apart from it, he found out that it was a framed best month employee award, and you were the one on it. He laughed under his breath, suddenly feeling curious about the personal information of your work card; so he started to read it throughfully, first there was your full name and the charge you occupied on the store, but then his eyes focused on the numbers written below.
He blinked twice, surprised, and read it again. –I didn’t see that coming- the words in his mind came out of his mouth unwillingly.
Namjoon looked at your photo again, if that date of birth was right you were actually older than him. That made you a noona to him, and he wasn’t aware of that because you’ve never said it.
He started to think that maybe you didn’t know he was younger, or you didn’t want to tell your age, or you didn’t say it because you weren’t really interested on him so it wasn’t going to matter?
Namjoon took a few steps back from the wall and ran a hand trough his hair. –Oh man, and now what? - He looked around for a second time, thinking about this new fact. He wasn’t counting with this, so now he’d a tingling of doubt about what he should do, all of his plans crumbled in front of him. He’d never been with an older girl before and he didn’t even know if you would date a younger guy.
At this, he decided it was better to leave before he made a fool of himself, all the confidence from earlier vanished.
You arrived at the store twenty minutes after Namjoon left, doing you regular chores, one of your coworkers came to you.
-Y/N, there was a boy here asking about you-
Turning around you stared at him. –How so? Who? -
He shrugged. –He didn’t say his name and it was the first time I see him here… he was tall and had blonde hair-
-Really? That could be anyone- you said with a laugh.
-Well, he had a deep voice and he said he was going to wait for you- he seamed to think about it for a few seconds a continued. –And he had dimples! -
The first person that came to your mind was Namjoon, with the tall figure and charming dimples that made you sigh every time you thought about it. But that couldn’t be possible, you’ve talked with him before and he’d never made further approaches with you. Even when you wished he would have done so.
Being honest about it you felt attracted to him after the few times you’d shared. He had that something that made you sweep of your feet. But you felt a little intimidated, because he was an idol, a famous person loved by a lot of people and you’ve never been in this kind of situation before; you didn’t know how to act and for that you were waiting for him to make the first move.
Your coworker was looking at you attentively and saw the struggle in your eyes. –Want to check who it was in the security video? -
You nodded and both of you went to the security room where you could see the video cameras of the store functioning.
-Here you go- he said giving you space to see the video of the last hour.
You couldn’t believe when he appeared there, it was actually him. So now you where wanting to know the reason that took him there, why was he asking for you?
Maybe that move you were waiting from him, could have a little push from you. Picking up your phone, you asked one of your friends for Namjoon’s number; Hoseok answered you almost immediately, giving you the number, and of course teasing you about it.
Namjoon was at his room staring at the wall, still a little bit shocked and troubled when his phone beeped. He had a text.
Reading it, he realized it was you the one writing, you identified yourself and asked why was he asking for you at your work.
-What should I say? - He stared at the screen for some minutes. He still liked you, despite the age fact, he was just caught off guard by it; but it didn’t mean that he was going to see you differently. Honestly it didn’t change anything. Now the real thing was what were you going to think when you found out if you already didn’t.
Namjoon was man of actions, not one to be wondering what could happen or not, so he was going to go straight to the point for once and for all, taking advantage of the fact that you had just written him.
Hi Y/N, I was just passing by and decided to say hi. But you weren’t there so I left. But we could meet later if you want to, we have quite a while without seeing each other, don’t we? Haha.
He waited for your answer and fortunately you said yes, telling him that your shift was over already and you could go to that trendy new mall to grab something to eat.
You settled an hour and when it was time, Namjoon headed to the mall, a little nervous but still decided to talk to you.
When you arrived at the mall you called him and he picked up his phone after two rings. He’d a mask and a hoodie and he told you where exactly he was going to be waiting for you. Following this instructions you found yourself in front of a colorful smoothies shop, and when you entered you walked straight to the table he was sitting in. Namjoon was waiting with two smoothies ready to drink.
He took off his mask, giving you that gorgeous smile of his. –This one is for you- he pushed the glass to you. –Thanks for coming-
-Thank you- you replied grabbing the glass. –We really had time without seeing each other-
You chatted a little bit, laughing and catching up to each other’s lives. After some timeNamjoon stood silent like in deep thoughts.
-What’s happening? - You asked, taking a sip from your half consumed smoothie.
-I’m going to be honest with you Y/N, this morning I was at your work because I wanted to ask you out-
You stared at him impressed, the straw stopped half way trough your mouth, but you didn’t say anything and he carried on. –But then I saw your birth date in the photo on the wall, honestly I didn’t know you were older than me. I could have never guessed so because you don’t look like it-
You both stood silent after his words, you knew he was younger but you still liked him and it wasn’t like the age gap was enormous. –Does that bothers you? - You asked him, expectantly waiting for an answer.
He thought about it for a few seconds with his eyes on you and then he laughed softly, shaking his head. –It doesn’t, I don’t think age matters on these things. I still like you a lot-
You smiled at his statement. –So, you still want to take me out on a date?-
Namjoon ran his fingers along his bottom lip with his now flirty gaze fixed on you. –I do Y/N, would you accept going on a date with me? -
-Aren’t we already in one? - You said matching his flirty aura.
He smiled bigger now, his dimples showing completely. You definitely were even more interesting now.


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I agree age aint nothing but a number... lol I think of the song by pretty ricky 😅
angst is my fave.. im such a masochist 😳😂
OMG angst week is going to be so amazing and so heart breaking at the same time!
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