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I'm super excited for the con tomorrow, best part that it's free. Bad is that my friend bailed on me and now I'm going alone! But I will make the best of it. Anyone from our Vingle family here, hope to see you there!! 😊😊😜😜 @jordanhamilton @petname83 @atmi @danidee @buddyesd @ButterflyBlu @alywoah @zoilaobregon @sarahregulski @arnelli @animaniacfreak @sophiamor
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@VickieAnimeFan Yeah, it was pretty good. I'm going agin this year to San Japan in September, are you going this year?
I hope too πŸ˜ƒ Really want to go and dance at the Masquerade Ball that they have lol
ZoilaObregon Are you going?
@VickieAnimeFan I am. I didn't get to go to the masquerade, since my friend couldn't go, but I'm gonna see that I do go this year and hopefully to the maid cafe as well
@ZoilaObregon Right lol it's sure to be fun 😊