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Okay I wasn't expecting as many if you to comment so I went ahead and wrote a preview of the story! It's a little rushed but oh well.
Our story started years ago as fate wove it's twisted threads the day we were born. No one could of predicted what was to befall in the coming years. I meet Bobby in the hospital on the day we were born or so our parents love to tell us. “ You two were fated to be together.” They always loved to joke around as we scrunched our faces in disgust yelling the occasional gross, or I would rather die. Maybe a little too dramatic, but hey at the time it was the worst possible thing that could ever happen. Despite our hatred of the jokes Bobby and I spent everyday together not that we really had a choice as our parents we neighbors. Also his Mom used to babysit while my parents worked all the time soon we never wanted to be apart. It wasn't until we were 5 that we met Hanbin which recalling it now still brings a smile to my face. “ Bobby hurry up we are going to be late for school again! Remember the teacher said we are getting a new kid today!” I yelled failing to motivate the unmovable Kim Jiwon. “ Okay, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy my food Y/n.” He quickly stuck his tongue out while his mothers back was turned. “ Ugh! I want to get to class what if they make other friends then I will be stuck with you forever!” I whined for the millionth time already, and just when I thought I had lost Bobby finally sighed standing up. “ If it will make you stop bugging me let's go.” He smiled as if getting rid of me was the best thing in the world. Luckily for us our school was right across the street it only took us minutes to get to class if Bobby didn't try and cause trouble before. Which was basically everyday, but by then I was used to it after being around him for five years. While I was day dreaming of the new student I heard a loud thud only to find bobby ran right into another boy knocking him down. With a sigh I quickly ran over to where both boys were laying on the ground. “ You aren't hurt are you? I am sorry about him he is a real klutz sometimes that's Bobby and I'm Y/n.” I said holding out my hand with the brightest smile I could muster while sending Bobby death glares. “ N-no. I a-am okay I think Han-Hanbin is my name.” His voice quivered as he spoke unable to look either of us in the eye. With one look towards Bobby we knew what to do as we smirked towards our new found friend. After that day we were all inseparable well that is until fate became cruel.
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