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This is a personal rant ... more like a self-pity thing really... I just feel that this should be expressed before anyone starts reading...
So remember when I mentioned all my accomplishments and how happy I was? .. Well this day brought me back to reality ...
(BTW: Dude in the back is my friend Jesus lol )
It started off as a good day. I went to UCI for a Transfer student celebration. I was given much needed information.
Yay happy time! I was having a good morning ... drooling from all the cute boys I saw during my tour.. You know ... the usual lol
But ... let's just say that after that there was a dip in my happiness....
(Bus selfie because why not)
My parents are not the most active when it comes to my school achievements. I'm going to be really honest, it hurts. My sisters were given support but as the last child, they have seen it all before me and see no big deal when I achieve it.
I got home from UCI and was told by my parents that they would not be attending my awards ceremony. Ok .. fine. I am used to it. Well that was the first thing that annoyed me.
It's totally fine though.. That is why I told my mentor about it and was pretty sure that she would be there.
Not only was I late for my scholarship ceremony, but let's just say I fell, causing both knees to be scrapped and bleeding like crazy.
The next problem... no one went. That hurts more than anything. Hearing people cheer for their family members and then you having no one .. well let's say the messed up knees hurt less.
(BTW: yes I totally went home to change from my dress and heels to sweats and my dragonball/ pokeball t-shirt and my "skater" shoes)
But this is where friends come into the picture. Two girls that honestly saved me from being all sad and by myself.. I was planning on just going home or trying to drag someone into being with me. BUT they took me out to eat to celebrate my scholarships and my soon transfer date.
We went to go eat Pho, 85 degrees and they brought a kitty along for the ride! I love kitties!!!
I guess this post was more to say that no matter how horrible your day has been, there will always be someone there to pick you up and make you feel special. It doesn't have to be family, it can be friends, it can be someone who you just meet.
Today was a better day all thanks to them. They will forever be a great memory to a rather horrible day.
REMEMBER: If you ever need a friend, do not hesitate in contacting me! You can message me here or ask for my information for other Social media! (Kakao, Line, WeChat, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
@PassTheSuga Thank youπŸ’• If we could meet, I would gladly take you to some delicious Pho. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
@DalyRomero Knowing your family has your back in all situations.... not just when you mess up...isn't childish. Support is always nice. I feel you on that. If it's any consolation....I'm proud of you πŸ‘πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰ And your friends are awesome. I've never had Pho....
@PassTheSuga I will gladly accept your virtual hug. πŸ’• I know it's something I can't control but the constant feeling I get when my parents or sisters say it's a part of growing up, doing things by myself...I understand that but support is nice, you know? I am happy for that too! I would have never expected that from them, but it's like they knew.
UUUGGHH I JUST WANNA GIVE YOU A BIG HUG!!! I totally get that whole sibling rivalry thing. It really isn't in your control or your fault really but it still puts a dent in your pride 😞 And to fall on the way there??? 😭😭😭 I'm just glad there was someone there to pick you up and look after you when it was over.