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So today was day one of anime con... I'll be going again tomorrow but wanted to post the few pics I have from today.
First off, this was the BEST cosplay I've ever seen I my life. When I saw him, I yelled "SOGEKING" and asked for a picture. There were lots of great cosplays that I didn't get pictures of but I'll get more tomorrow when it is busier! (:
These are some of the goodies I got! First picture is the POPs of Rukia and Ichigo! Soooooo happy I finally got them! Second pic is Natsu! Which finishes my Fairytail set since I already have Lucy and Happy. Third picture is Law and Ace!!!! Which again, finishes my collection since I already have Luffy and Chopper.
Lastly are a few pics of me and my cosplay, my friend I went with, and a fellow Sage mode Naruto and even Jiriya Sensei!!!!! I know I said I was going as Maka but I wanted to save her for tomorrow! (:
looks like fun