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After getting your dream job at SM Entertainment, you find yourself getting close to the EXO memebers. Though you guys are close it doesnt compare to you and Ivy’s friendship. D.O is the shyest out of all nine members. He rarely spoke to you but yet you feel as if you have had full on conversations. As if you hear a little voice. D.O seems to get more comfortable with you he first two weeks of your arrival. You grow closer and closer. Will this friendship last? Or will you get all lovey dovey?

Chapter 7

The night was coming to an end. Me and Baekhyun had gotten back on the couch in the same position as last time. Chanyeol had joined us too! Then all the boys came and sat with us to enjoy a sad movie.
Baekhyun had snaked his hand around my waist as we watched the commercials before the movie. Chanyeol got up and sat on the other couch with Kyungsoo who was staring
I had noticed something was going on since my ear twitched... it always happens when someone is staring or looking for a long amount of time...
Staring at me and Baekhyun. It was a bit odd. He looked like he wanted to kill Baekhyun.
I ignored it as someone sat next to me.
And that someone was......


He had laid down with his head on my lap. I guess He had gotten bored with the movie. I played with his hair and twirled it in between my fingers braiding tiny loose braids and undoing them as i was focusing in on the movie.
It was something I did when i focused really hard.
At one point in the movie Kai turned inwards facing my stomach and nuzzled his face into my stomach. I blushed slightly at how cute he was being.
At this point Baekhyun had taken his arm off my waist and bent forward focusing 100% percent on the film. It was about a young girl who's dad was in jail and she had snuck in through a package and then got raised yada yada the father admits to a crime he didnt commit yada yada yada and the story goes on.
I felt eyes on me (my ear kept twitching). It was a strange feeling to be completely honest but since i had gotten close with them i didnt really bother to notice who was staring. I got too curious though. I felt that person's eyes on me for a long time. A while back i felt another pair on me. Then another. I looked around but didnt notice anyone at the time.
Less than 2 minutes later Kai was hugging me still with his head on my lap. I then put my hand over his shoulder that was facing upwards. My other hand softly rubbed his head. He let out a small sigh of relaxation as i did so.
I ran my hands through his hair combing through it. He shuffled closer and once again nuzzled his head into my stomach.
"You alright?" i whispered
"mhmm" he mumbled back.
I went back to watching the movie and i turned slightly to get some popcorn from Chen who was in front of Baekhyun but as i was looking over to ask for some. Baekhyun was looking at me. I smiled at him and then he (in a rush) looked away and from the glow of the TV i could see a slight blush on his face. I got the popcorn and popped on in my mouth. I also put one in Kai's mouth which made him smile as he chewed it.
I looked back up to the movie but then I followed the feeling of someone looking and once again. Kyungsoo was staring. He looked sad.I smiled at him and he gave a small smile before SLOWLY looking back at the movie then down at his feet.
I went back to playing with Kai's hair but he was looking up. Instead of me petting his hair my hand hand pet his face. I stopped and my hand was caressing his cheek. I blushed as he smirked at me. He nuzzled his head into my hand because it was warm and turned facing the TV cuddling my arm. I smiled at how cute he was being. I could have never expected this from him!
I couldnt help but look at Kyungsoo...
He was asleep leaning on the arm of the coach. He looked like an angel.
His eyes had closed and his jawline still looked sharp.
My eyes traced his face: First his hairline, down his nose, down his lawline up his chin.
to his lips
They looked so nice.... His lips were a nice red like he had been eating cherries. They were plump and were so.... how do i say this.....kissable...
I wanted to look back at the movie but something in me wouldnt let me.
I kept tracing his face over and over again always getting distracted by his lips.
It must have been the tenth time i have traced his face and this time they traced onto his eyebrows....
Hold on.....
Kyungsoo's eyes were open... They were staring back at me....
I quickly looked forward trying to act as if nothing had happened.
<<Great he probably thinks I'm a creep>>

Kyungsoo Prov.

We decided to watch a movie... which was great but i might fall asleep and with Renesmay here i want it to be nice and something that will get us to know each other. She sat where she had sat earlier Which is fine but something about how close she was to Baekhyun and Chanyeol irked me. I think i stared to long because ever once in a while Renesmay's ear would twitch and she would look in my direction. Me being as smooth as i am didnt get caught (i think)
Chanyeol got up during the movie and moved next to me giving me a smile.I couldnt help but glare at Baekhyun and his arm around her waist... I quickly looked away and back at Chanyeol.
"Better view here, hope you dont mind me sitting here." He whispered trying not to disturb the others.
"No problem" I smiled.
Its my chance!!! I was just going to sit next to her and see what would happen. I was about to get up when i saw Kai take the place. Instead of sitting next to her HE LAID DOWN!!!!!!!!! How... How... UGH I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN HOW I WAS FEELING...
Renesmay didnt seem to mind... is he her bias?
The thought made me get chills.
She started to play with his hair as he got closer to her stomach.
I started to over think everything at this point.
The only thing separating them was the then cloth of MY tshirt.
I looked away wanting to forget everything and just ignore them. But i just kept looking.
He was hugging her as he had his head on her lap getting closer (Which i thought was impossible at this point) He looked like a puppy on his owners lap as she combed through his hair. <<Ugh i wish i had sat down next to her sooner>> . They mumbled something to each other and smiled.<<What the hell were they saying????>> I tried once more to get my attention back to the movie but as i was doing so Baekhyun caught my eye. From the corner of his eye he was looking at Renesmay. He slowly started to turn his head when all of a sudden he shot his head back to the screen. I looked at Renesmay who was confused.<<I guess he got caught>> . They passed some popcorn and Renesmay popped one by one into her mouth leaving a bit of the oil on her lips. The oil's shine made her lips even more kissable and she kept licking them to get the oil off. It just made me want to ki-<< YAH YAH STOP STOP~ >> . I shook my head and rested on the coach's arm. I looked at Renesmay and Kai and how she would pop the popcorn into his mouth. She looked up at the movie and slowly turned as her ear twitched. This time I didnt bother looking away. I dont know how i was feeling... sad,angry,hurt.... i honestly dont know I just knew i didnt like this. Not.One.Bit. I guess it showed on my face and she gave me a comforting smile. I returned the smile as i slowly but surely. I couldnt help but look through the corner of my eye at the coach next to me, the one Renesmay sat at. Renesmay wasnt looking but she went back to petting Kai. Except he was looking up at her.........<<breath in breath out>> .She stopped her hand and from the looks of it she was caressing his cheek <<I have never felt so jealous in my life>> .In my thoughts I didnt notice but I drifted into a dream +_+__+_+__+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+D.O'S DREAM++_+__+_++_+_+_+_+_+_+_+__+_+_+_+ Me and my Girlfriend Renesmay were in a field of yellow flowers, the ones couples for honeymoon pictures usually go. We had a picnic and everything was perfect.We both sat on a blanket and had just packed from our meal "Babe..." She giggled as I laid my head on her lap."What? Im just resting my head! You dont want me to have an achey neck... would you?"I said doing the best aegyo i could. She giggled and started petting my forehead and hair.I was admiring how she looked in the sun and how her hair glowed with beauty and her eyes sparkled. "Your beautiful, did you know that?" I said as I caressed her cheek. She blushed and put her hand over mine and stared into my eyes. I sat up with my hand still on her face. I had moved her so she was now straddling my waist with her legs. "Babe you are beautiful and dont let anyone tell you different. We have been through up and down and life can throw what ever it wants because through it all I will have you."I smiled and she smiled back." I love you Renesmay""I love you too Kyungsoo" She put her arms around my neck and hugged me still sitting on my lap. She backed up from the hug and stared once again into my eyes. She scooted in and touched my forehead with hers. Then she touched our noses. She leaned in and whispered against my lips. " I am yours and you are mine" The distance was a centimeter, then half that, then half that Until our lips were about to touch.+_+_+_+_+__+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_ End of Dream +_+__+_+_+_+_+_+_++_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_ I suddenly woke up and i slowly opened my eyes. Renesmay was staring at me. This made me happy and i watched as she studied my face.<<must not have noticed i woke up>> I saw her stare at my lips. I stared at hers in return and then at her eyebrows and then we made eye contact. She quickly looked forward trying to act as if nothing happened. But something did. I felt a connection. I kept looking at her and i saw the tint of pink that had grown on her cheeks... Is it all in my head? Does she like me too?
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