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I have uploaded so many Photoshop tutorials that I felt like a classic medium should be presented :) I really don't want people to think that the only medium that holds potential is photoshop, I myself mainly use Copic Marker. I will also make 2 new collections and clip the pictures I already uploaded anew, dividing things into e.g. anatomy/basic drawing tutorials and the colouring ones, so it is easier for you guys :) Please stay tuned!
I've been trying to draw for a while now but not that great
I would either start with basic anatomy or faces :) it is useless to try to colour in outlines that look deformed and unrealistic, people rather appreciate a good pencil drawing than one that has an awesome coloration but really bad anatomy with a weird looking face haha @Goyo
@piupiupenguin may i ask, where would you recommend someone start to learn how to draw lol. Like wat area, bc i really suck but I want to get better and ur cards inspire me lol