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Annyeong friends! :D
Welcome back to the continuation of this wonderful G-Dragon fanfic! :D
Or is it? ;)
Jk :3
This fanfic is dedicated to @Katyng52 for her birthday on Tuesday :3
But this chapter especially is dedicated to @Tabili who's birthday is today! :D
Yay for May babies! :D
If you missed the first part of this fanfic, click HERE!
Now enough with the chitchat because I know you're dying to see where this stories goes so shall we hop to it? ;)
Please, enjoy! :D
The two men that were already seated in the booth bow their heads once Ji-Yong finished talking.
Sailynn bows first, making the other two follow her lead.
"Hello, I'm Sailynn."
"H-hi, I'm Jenny."
"And, I-I'm Katy."
All three men smile back.
"No need to be shy, go ahead a take a seat," Dae-Sung smiled as he spoke Engrish.
Jen's breathing accelerated loud enough for only Katy and Sailynn to hear.
Sailynn cleared her throat, "thank you, sir." She slid into the booth first, tugging Jen to the middle while Katy took her seat at the end, facing Ji-Yong.
"Hyung, you never mentioned you were bringing friends," Dae-Sung grinned at Ji-Yong.
"Sorry, it was a last minute thing, it didn't feel right to just be us three so I asked them to dine with us," Ji-Yong smiled back and flickered his eyes over to the girls who blushed and smiled politely.
"American?" Seung-Hyun asked with a curious expression. The girls nodded. "What brings you to Korea?"
"Many reasons," Sailynn replied in Korean.
Then men changed surprised looks.
"You speak Korean?" Seung-Hyun blinked in surprise.
Sailynn looked at her friends who eyed her back approvingly. "Yes, actually, we all basically do, but at different levels. I study languages for a living so I'm fluent."
"I'm taking Korean classes so I'm only at an intermediate level, but I'm fluent in Japanese," Jen spoke next.
"And i'm still at beginners," Katy said in English with a shy giggle.
The men smiled.
"That's really cool," Ji-Yong said to Katy, making a light shade of pink blossom in her cheeks when she bowed her head as a thank you.
"You study languages?" Seung-Hyun captured Sailynn's attention.
"Fluent in Japanese? Me too!" Dae-Sung chuckled as he spoke to Jen.
Ji-Yong smiled at his brothers as they carried on conversations with the girls they sat across from. His eyes would wonder back to Katy every other minute, but he would still find her doing the same, staring off into the distance.
When their eyes would meet, Katy would smile shyly and quickly shift her eyes before Ji-Yong had time to say something.
The food came by, the girls giggled as the men cooked the meat and but thanked them when they offered the ladies to take first pick of the meat.
Ji-Yong watched as Katy ate and sat quietly while observing her friends talk with confidence. She could only pick up a few words here and there but would smile whenever her friends laughed, making Ji-Yong to smile in response too.
"It looks like my brothers are getting along with your friends," Ji-Yong spoke to Katy softly.
Katy swallowed hard when she realized Ji-Yong was talking to her. Part of her face twitched up into a half smile as she looked down to avoid his gaze. "Y-yeah, I guess so."
"So what brings you to Seoul?" Ji-Yong continued to push the conversation.
Sailynn caught on to Ji-Yong's words, she leaned forward and looked over at Katy, "we're celebrating her birthday actually!"
Jen smirked, picking up on Sailynn's devious plan, "Yeah! We're thinking about going sight seeing and trying something really great cuisine but we don't know where to start! Would you mind recommending something for us?"
"Birthday!" Dae-Sung beamed.
"They have free shaved ice as a birthday dessert here actually, we should get some to celebrate," Seung-Hyun chuckled.
"Happy birthday, Katy," Ji-Yong bowed his head.
Katy bowed back as a thank you.
"Hyung, they can go to that one place where the view of Seoul is really pretty!" Dae-Sung smiled. "It's really calming too, perfect for sunrises and sunsets." He looked over at Jen who was already smiling at him to continue.
"How about gallerias? Or exhibits? What did you have planned prior to this?" Seung-Hyun asked Sailynn.
Sailynn giggled, "well she's a major foodie and traveler so I figured why not come to Korea and have the good stuff?"
Everyone laughed except for Katy, who sat quietly as her cheeks burned brightly.
"Lemme think on that," Seung-Hyun grinned.
"Same, now I want you to try the best food while you're here!" Dae-Sung chuckled.
"How long are you staying?" Ji-Yong asked Katy to lighten her mood.
She tugged on Jen's shirt from under the table.
"About a week," Jen replied for her.
Ji-Yong nodded then went back to listening to his brothers, occasionally glancig over at Katy again.
As the conversation went on, suggestions for locations kept popping up, courtesy of Seung-Hyun and Dae-Sung. Jen had reached into her bag and begun writing things down while dessert was passed around.
"I'm jealous, it sounds like you're going to have a great week going to these places," Dae-Sung chuckled.
Jen looked up at him and flashed one her own smiles as her cheeks started to heat up, "you're all more than welcomed to join us."
Katy stepped on Jen's foot in response.
"Of course, depending on your schedule," Sailynn smiled sweetly at Seung-Hyun.
Ji-Yong shook his head, "we'd love to but we wouldn't want to interrupt your vacationing."
Jen stepped on Katy to make her respond back.
Katy cleared her throat and smiled shyly, "it wouldn't be any trouble at all. Like you said, the more the merrier."
Ji-Yong propped his elbows on the table with folded his hands and rested his chin on them, "well if you insist." He bit his lip the second they made eye contact, making Katy's hands start to shake under the table.
"Then it's settled!" Dae-Sung beamed.
"Give me your number and we'll let you know our schedules so we could meet up here and there throughout the week," Seung-Hyun grinned.
Sailynn smirked as she wrote down her digits on a napkin and handed it to him. She could feel the eyes of her friends burning on her as Sailynn and Seung-Hyun's fingers touched.
"Let me get your number too, in case hyung isn't around and we need to contact you," Dae-Sung grinned mischievously.
Jen wrote her number on part of the piece of paper she hand earlier and handed it to him, melting inside when his eyes began to smile at her.
Ji-Yong looked over at Katy who was still avoiding his eyes, then released a small sigh and stood up.
"It's getting late, I think we should get going," Ji-Yong said to his brothers.
"Awe, so soon?" Dae-Sung pouted a little.
"Yaah, he's right, we gotta be at work tomorrow morning," Seung-Hyun pushed Dae-Sung forward.
"It's dangerous for you three to walk alone at night. I'm going to walk you back okay?" Ji-Yong smiled.
The girls thanked him for his generosity then slid out of the booth to stand up.
They bowed goodbye to Seung-Hyun and Dae-Sung, who almost ended up tagging alone until Ji-Yong remind them about picking up a few errands.
Ji-Yong slid on his hat and his face mask as he stepped outside. He kept a steady pace along side Katy, causing Jen and Sailynn to walk a bit slower with the excuse of Jen being on her phone so there would be some room for Ji-Yong and Katy to talk.
Katy's hands trembled in her pocket, not because it was chilly, but because Ji-Yong kept glancing over to her.
Ji-Yong noticed her arms shaking. He reached into coat pocket and pulled out an unused hand warmer and handed it to her with a polite smile. "Here, stay warm on your birthday okay?"
Katy bowed her head, "thank you." She took the small little bag and held it tightly to her chest.
"How come you got so quiet during dinner?" Ji-Yong said, taking advantage of the opportunity to keep Katy talking.
Katy shrugged, struggling to figure out a flawless excuse. "Guess I just got shy."
"But you weren't shy when we walked TO the restaurant. Did i say something wrong?" Ji-Yong retorted.
Katy shook her head, "of course not, no. You're- you're wonderful. It's just me is all."
Ji-Yong bit his lip underneath his mask as he glanced at her, "I think you're wonderful."
Her heart began to skip beats, "W-why?" she breathed.
He shrugged, "it's just a feeling." His cheeks lifted behind his mask.
They reached their hotel faster by taking the shortcuts that Ji-Yong lead them through.
Sailynn and Jen exchanged looks then bowed to Ji-Yong as a thank you.
"We'll head up first, I have to um, do some stuff," Jen smiled.
"And I have to help.... thank you!" Sailynn added in quickly then took off before Katy had time to say anything.
Ji-Yong shook his head and laughed while Katy stood there, dying deep inside as the urge to run after her friends began to blossom in the pit of her stomach.
"Your friends," he spoke. "Remind me of my brothers. They're so silly, it's refreshing. I'm glad you have some good company with you."
"Yeah, they're the best," she said through her teeth.
The two of them stood awkwardly outside in the cold until Ji-Yong cleared his throat and scratched his eyebrow to break the silence.
"Sorry, I'm not usually good with small talk. I get shy without my brothers around," he said.
Katy smiled, "you? Shy? No way, you're much braver than I am."
Ji-Yong waved his hands, "No no, it's you, trust me."
Katy shook her head then slowly let go of her smile.
Ji-Yong reached forward and lifted her chin up, "hey hey, what's wrong?"
Katy bit her lip and looked away, "I didn't want to cause any problems with me and my friends."
"What do you mean?"
She pressed her lips into a fine line and made herself look him, "I'm really grateful that you saved me tonight, I owe you my life for that. And I'm also grateful that you asked me and my friends to join you for dinner, but you need to know that I know who you are."
His eyebrows pressed together in confusion.
"I know you're G-Dragon," she whispered.
Ji-Yong stared at her for the longest second until a wave of laughter shook his body enough for him to bend over and hug his stomach in order to hold himself up. Katy looked around awkwardly while he continued to laugh.
"Do- do your friends know too?" Ji-Yong managed to say as struggled to speak.
"Y-yess?" Katy answered slowly.
He wiped the tears that had emerged from his eyes and sighed, "and you realized who my brothers were too?"
Katy nodded, "TOP and D-Lite."
His eyes began to smile, "and yet you still managed to respect us by not drawing attention and conversing with us like we're normal people."
Katy coughed, "conversing? I got super shy the moment you turned around and we saw I saw your beautiful face!"
"Beautiful what?"
Her cheeks flushed bright red, "Um, I should get going...."
"Hey hey wait!" Ji-Yong reached out and grabbed her sleeve, "don't go yet, it's nice talking to you. Especially since, I don't know, I'm getting a good feeling from you. It's like you wouldn't have cared what was beneath the mask if I never showed you, you'd still continue to talk to me."
Katy looked at his hand on her sleeve and simply shrugged, "I mean, I'm trembling with butterflies right now but why wouldn't I talk to you? I wouldn't talk to random guys out of the blue but you saved my life. I respected you even without knowing you were.... G....Dragon."
Ji-Yong shook his head with his cheeks making his eyes continue to smile, "I'm glad I decided to walk tonight but as much as I don't want you to leave, it's best you get some rest."
Katy smiled shyly.
"I'd like to see you again," Ji-Yong spoke softly.
"I'd like that too," Katy replied.
He began walking backwards slowly, "well then, i'll look forward to it."
Katy stood there, smiling like an idiot as Ji-Yong kept walking, "me too," she called out.
"Have a goodnight, get some rest, and keep warm," Ji-Yong called out.
"You too, and walk home safely!" Katy waved goodbye as he turned the corner and disappeared down the street.
Katy bit her lip as she skipped into the hotel but as she stood waiting for the elevator doors to open with the hand warmer in her hands she realized something wrong in the scenario she just went through.
"I forgot to get his number!"
Welp! Looks like that's all Ji-Yong oppa has time for today ;)
He's not the only one that enjoys causing @katyng52 a wave of feels, and I think it's unsafe to give @Tabili too much sweetness this early in the day! ;D
What will happen next? :o Will Katy and Ji-Yong talk again? How will she her friends react when they find out that Katy told Ji-Yong about them knowing who they were? And what will happen during the vacation?!
Stick around for the next release Beneath the Dragon Scales for these answers! ;o
Thanks everyone! :D
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im going through emotions with you first i was like awwwww😍😍😍😍😍then i was like forealπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
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