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Foreword: this is the work of a sick person at 4 am, just fair warning. Also, this is about any bias you want. Feel free to use your imagination. Now enjoy the 4 am angst that I formatted weirdly.
His words echoed through my head, ripping my heart into shreds over and over again. The fierce look in his eyes, the tense strain in his voice. "I could NEVER love you. What makes you even think that?!" I closed my eyes as more tears fell down my numb cheeks, my feet slowly making their way up the stairs leading me to my unknown destination. "You're below me! You're not even worth the breath I'm wasting to explain this to you!" Opening my eyes, I pushed open the door in front of me and was battered by the wind as I walked out of the doorway. "You mean NOTHING to me." The rain pelted me and mixed in with my tears. "God, you're so stupid, you know that?" I reached the edge of the roof and climbed over the barrier before standing on the very edge. "These last two years were a mistake." I looked out at the horizon, noticing the sun just peeking up. "Just get out of here, I never want to see you again." Clutched in my hand was a rain soaked note to him, expressing how apologetic I was. "I don't know what I ever saw in you." I let go of one hand off the barrier, looking down at the drop. "I must have been crazy." Looking back up at the sunrise I felt a sense of peace run through me. At least I wouldn't be bothering him anymore. He wouldn't have to see me again. "JUST LEAVE!!!" I closed my eyes and let my arms hang at my sides as I leaned forward, almost falling off the edge. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I could swear I heard his voice again. But the words weren't the ones he yelled at me before. "PLEASE STOP!!!" His voice like an angel's, called out to me again. "STOP!!!!!!" The angel seemed in so much pain and worry. He called out my name. "Baby please! Please listen to me! I'm sorry!" Suddenly there was a familiar hand on my wrist. I opened my eyes to see him standing there, eyes filled with panic. "Don't do it." His voice whispered brokenly. I smiled softly at him before whispering "I'm sorry." "NOOOO!!!!" He screamed as my feet walked off the edge. But I could finally fly and he was finally free.
@ChaErica because I wanted to rip my own heart out and why not rip out everyone else's? Hahahaha
ahh bet he regrets it almost cried good job
I'm just reeling right now. I don't know what to say. ..
Why must you always kill me with the feels and shit? @MaeLyn
Aagghh, the feeeeeels!! Very well written, good job!