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The concert in London was amazing B.A.P came on at 8:00 and started with their debut song warrior. The performance they gave was electric I was pretty much shaking the whole way through, everyone was singing and cheering to all their songs it was like a party in the the concert. when feel so good started playing everyone joined in and it was an amazing experience and with all their songs B.A.P gave it their all and we could tell. Himchan and Young-jae had their solo songs which where amazing just to hear them sing. Later on they showed us their English skills by talking to all of us in our native language which was a nice feel because we all were responding to them and we know how hard our language is. Near to the end when they did their last song Yong-guk took his top off and all the members went into the crowd and sang as zelo was spraying everyone with water as himchan was on the stage looking over the crowds. After that they told us that they would be coming again next year to the u.k everyone could not get enough of what was happening we were so happy to know this . As the concert was coming to an end all the members walked off the stage and took our u.k flag that we all wrote on with our thanks and our messages to them. As dae-hyun was the last to go and on the screens were thank you messages from all the members and how much they enjoyed being here. The whole experience was incredible and I have to say it was the best concert I've ever been to THANK YOU B.A.P!!!! we can't wait to see you next year and hope you stay safe and healthy and enjoy the rest of the tour!!❤❤❤