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• Putting an alarm to wake up on time for V app live. • Not knowing what they are saying but laughing along with them LOL • Fangirling/Fanboying just because you are watching them live so it feels like your face timing. • Working out your thumb with likes or ♡s (Btw our fandom has really grown) • Staying for the whole video even though you don't know what the heck was going on Lol • Going crazy for subs but then realized no one has uploaded them yet... that is when you realize that your whole life depends on the subbers... *dramatic sound effect* Hahaha Maybe I should go back to sleep I'm just speaking known-sense. lol I think I have a problem... -_- Hahaha

Like or Comment if you can relate :D

So true though...I laugh all the time because they are cute and laughing but I have no idea what's hapoening
oh yea i can relate to half of this lol
my kpop life in a nutshell.
I'll sometimes go on the V app when there are live videos but I'll usually stop watching them and watch them when they get subbed cx