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She Was Pretty ssg: BTS ver.

Mini-screenshot game for you, guys~

This is the BTS version but I can do other groups, too, if they have enough eye contact pics :3

Have you seen this drama? I thought it was cute despite the predictable parts ♡ Yep, BTS is your main lead but you should screenshot again for the second lead (the one that got away :0)!

My Results:

Sorry, Rap Mon ;^; V had the rest of the puzzle!


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I got Jhope the bias wrecker as main lead and the one that got away is Jimin lol so where does that leave Namjoon?
a year ago·Reply
Jimin is my main lead and Jin is the one that got away
a year ago·Reply
@elainarenea already in my list ^^
a year ago·Reply
I got Jin as the main lead. and Namjoon as the one that got away.
a year ago·Reply