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all these feelz for these boys
only understand 25% of what's happening but can't stop smiling. V is to cute Am I the only one that found the cameraman funny when he couldn't figure out how to turn the camera off?
it almost feels like we are part of the audience... but we're not ............. Thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S to watch you'll have to open your twitter app.
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omg the gif at the end is so relatable πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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okay does anybody notice namjoon shoes or its just me?
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@CallMeMsDragon lol he better never come to the hood with those shoes or he will be crack on for life lol sorry man I don't care how much I love my kpop or bts but those shoes gotta go man that's just knocked him down man lol
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