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Genre: Angst, College AU
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Length: 2185 words
Summary: He was bad news. So why couldn’t I keep away?
I woke up with a start, my eyes widening as I checked the time. Shit. I had slept through my alarm. I basically had 15 minutes to get ready and get to school. The walk alone was around 15 minutes. I jumped out of bed, freshened, changed.
I almost left with my damn skirt on the wrong way round. Tutting, I went back to my room, changed it, grabbed my bag and ran. I hated running so much but it couldn't be helped. Stupid Taehyung and his stupid party. He was going to be responsible for ruining my track record.
When I was leaving the house, there was five minutes until class started. I wasn’t really scared of what the teacher was going to say- I mean, Taehyung walked in late all of the tie and she didn’t give a damn- but I just really hated walking in late.
The way the whole class stared at you like you had just sauntered in stark naked. The stupid smirk Sooyoung would have on her face. The wide eyes of everyone else, looking in disbelief as the Nerd walked in late. Gasp. It was like an early warning sign of Armageddon, the way they would react.
Hot and panting, I got to school ten minutes after the lessons had started. The corridors were empty as I made my way to class, slowing slightly to catch my breath and give my burning legs a chance. Because what’s funnier than the Nerd walking in late? Her walking in late then collapsing.
I burst in, my chest heaving. My breaths were deep and fast as I managed to say “Sorry I’m late Miss.” I scanned the class. Everyone was looking at me as predicted. My jaw dropped open slightly as I saw the seat behind mine was occupied- even Taehyung was here before me.
The teacher stared me like I had grown two heads. “Er..It’s OK y/n. I’ll let you off this time. We’re just doing workbook questions in silence so I can see you all understand the material. We’ll go through the answers together at the end of class.”
I nodded, sliding into my seat, purposely avoiding Jimin’s gaze. I heard Taehyung snicker behind me but I ignored him too. I got all my things out on the desk, opened the workbook to the right place, but couldn't concentrate.
I started mindlessly doodling on my paper as a way to kill time. I knew the stuff, I didn’t need to do these stupid questions to prove it.
Miss was staring at her computer screen, typing away, when Jimin lightly cleared his throat. I looked up at him, and he discretely held out a small piece of paper to me. I hastily took it, not wanting to get caught.
I had noticed the mark on his neck had faded, but was still there. Opening up the folded paper, I read what he had scribbled down. ‘Sorry for shouting last night. T is a prick and I don’t want him to hurt you. And I left because I had no fresh clothes at your place, not because I was mad. Forgive me? P.S why were you late?’
I looked back up to him to see him staring intently at me, trying to gauge my reaction. I gave him a tired smile and a nod of the head, to show him that he was forgiven. His grin was one of both happiness and relief.
I wrote back: ‘You’re forgiven if you buy me lunch. I was late because I slept through my alarm! I can’t believe it.’
Then I asked if what I had been itching to know since last night. ‘P.S are you and Chanmi back together?’
I handed the paper back to him, when Sooyoung’s shrill voice broke out, “Y/n, are you passing notes in class?” I closed my eyes and prayed for the Lord to give me strength or to strike this bitch down, as I turned in my seat to look at her, my face seemingly innocent.
“Hmm? Notes? I think you’re mistaken.” Everyone was staring at me, and although my face was heating up, I kept my cool. “I leant Jimin my rubber, that’s all.”
Her eyes narrowed. “Jimin, why don’t you show us what y/n just gave to you?” Jimin paused before rooting through his pencil case and taking out the rubber I had leant him the other day. The whole class knew it wouldn’t be his because it was in the shape of a bear, and was purple.
The class started laughing silently at Sooyoung, and I turned back in my seat to hide the smile on my face. Jimin had shoved the note up his sleeve, so nobody could see it.
“Sooyoung”, Miss spoke up sternly. “Can you please focus on your own work, and not disturb the whole class? Thank you.” I could feel her glaring gaze at the back of my head, but there was nothing she could do so I wasn’t too bothered.
The bell went and everyone started to leave almost immediately. Sooyoung glared at me as she sashayed out, flipping her hair like was on some kind of prestigious catwalk. I snorted when she almost tripped up.
Jimin stood up, swinging his back pack on. “Yes and no”, he said as we both left the classroom- the last to leave, as always. I had my breakfast bar in hand as we walked along.
I looked at him, confused. “What?”
“Yes. I’ll buy you lunch. And no, me and Chanmi are not together. No way in hell.” I sighed in relief. Not at the Chanmi thing, I just hadn’t bought enough money for lunch.
But obviously, I was glad he wasn’t back with her. “Who made that mark on your neck?” I snorted. “Was it Taehyung?” He shoved me playfully and I laughed. “No...just some girl...”, he trailed off looking sheepish.
I decided to drop it because A. I didn’t want to know and B. I didn’t want to talk about Jimin’s random hook-up when Taehyung was staring right at me. He was by the lockers with another girl. He was leaning one arm on the lockers and had been...well I couldn’t tell from this angle. Either they had been kissing or he had been whispering in her ear.
On closer inspection, the girl was none other than the charming Sooyoung. Not that he was even acknowledging her existence right now. We were still out of earshot so I mumbled to Jimin, “Guess they made up, huh?”
He laughed quietly, and I looked away from Taehyung’s intense staring and focused on Jimin. “He probably couldn’t find a new girl for tonight so he’s gone back to her.” I shuddered in evident disgust as we walked past them quickly.
What even was this guy? And what the hell was Sooyoung doing, willingly going back to him like that? I mean, not that I cared, they both deserved each other, but still. The mind boggles.
Me and Jimin both grabbed coffees and sat down in the food court area. I made eye contact with Hoseok, who was sat with...Namjoon, I think his name was, a few tables away. I immediately looked away.
We were chatting away, minding our own business, when a shadow appearing across our table made us look up. Taehyung. I looked up at him, then back at Jimin, my face clearly showing the two boys that I thought Taehyung was crazy.
“Er...this tables taken”, I said bluntly. He glared at me. “I know that Nerd. I wanted to have a word.” He looked at Jimin pointedly. “Alone.”
I shook my head. “Sorry, you’ve got the wrong person. There’s no one here who goes by the name ‘nerd’.” Jimin stared at me, like he was shocked at the way I was speaking to Taehyung.
He gritted his teeth. “I want to speak to you y/n.” I smirked. I loved the fact that I was getting under his skin. “I ‘want’ doesn’t get.” Jimin covered his mouth to try and hide the fact that he was laughing- he failed.
“What the hell are you laughing at?”, Taehyung asked him rudely. Jimin glared at him, and turned to me. “Y/n, I’ll go to Hoseok’s table for five minutes. If he tries any shit again, call me over.” Jimin had realised Taehyung wasn’t going to give up anytime soon, and he reluctantly grabbed his things and left.
I bit my tongue to stop myself from cussing as Taehyung sat down in Jimin’s seat. He had been flirting with Sooyoung not five minutes ago what the hell did he want from me?
I refused to look up at him as I sipped on my coffee, staring at the stains on the round wooden table. “You didn’t return my texts””, he started the conversation, leaning back in the chair.
“It costs 2p a text. I’m not willing to spend that much money on you”, I shot back, still not looking at him. He stayed silent as I adjusted my glasses nervously, wondering what he was thinking.
I licked my dry lips before looking up to meet his dark eyes. “What do you want Taehyung?”
“I want you to tutor me”, he replied without hesitation. I glanced over to Jimin, who was staring right back. He was looking worried. I turned back to Taehyung. “You must be fucking kidding me”, I murmured. Okay, I didn’t want to get caught swearing by a passing teacher- sue me.
“Oh c’mon. I’ve see you help your boyfriend in the library. And if he can get it, you must be a good tutor.”
I narrowed my eyes at him. He was implying Jimin was dumb. And I didn’t like it one bit. “Okay first of all, he isn’t my boyfriend. Secondly, he’s a lot smarter than you are, so don’t insult his intelligence.”
Taehyung didn’t look the least bit bothered by my words. On the contrary, he looked amused. “You’re angry...cute.”
I just glared at him. I wondered if I kicked him where it hurt, would he lay there groaning “You kicked me in the balls...cute’. Probably would.
“Listen Taehyung”, I began, trying not to think about how attractive he looked biting his lip like he was currently doing. “I can’t tutor you. I don’t know what style of learning suits you best, I don’t know your level of understanding. Plus, I’m sure your girlfriend’s available to tutor you.”
His eyes flashed with annoyance as he leaned in, head resting in hands. “That dumb bitch would struggle to add two single digit numbers together without using her fingers. And F.Y.I, she’s not my girlfriend.”
I nodded like I was paying attention, trying to not laugh at him bitching about Sooyoung. I pretended to look at a watch on my wrist (I wasn’t wearing one), and started to move back in my chair, to get up.
“Oh, would you look at that! Five minutes is up, doesn’t time fly? Anyways, time is”
As I got up he grabbed my wrist. I was half standing, with my ass sticking out, unable to move, so I swiftly sat back down to avoid embarrassment. His grip was strong and I couldn’t get out of it.
“I need help with the content. Our teacher recommended you. At least try once to help me, god damn it.” He loosened his grip, and I took my hand away, sighing in defeat. If Miss had told him to come to me, there must have been a reason for it.
“Fine”, I grumbled. “But one fuck up, and I’m out.”
I meant that. If he missed a session, or didn’t listen to what I had to say, I would talk to the teacher myself about not tutoring him. “Ok....My house every Saturday? How much do I have to pay you?”
Saturday was alright, seeing as Sunday was my ‘chill day’. But his house? I supose it was better than him coming over to mine and messing up my organised notes.
“Pay me? You’re not paying me.” I wasn’t going to take money off Kim freaking Taehyung. “A couple of hours a week? For free?” He raised an eyebrow at me. “I’m not looking to make money off you. Now what time on Saturday? Sometime in the morning, so I can deal with you and get on with my day in peace.”
“9″, I nodded, confirming the time. I got up before he could grab my hand this time. “Toodles Tae Tae”, I mimicked Sooyoung as I waved at him and batted my eyelashes. He snorted, shaking his head at me as I walked away to Jimin.
I smiled at Namjoon, who returned the gesture with a dimpled grin, and didn’t even look at Hoseok as I said to Jimin. “Wanna go to class?” He nodded, standing up. He waved bye to the guys, and asked me what the hell Taehyung had wanted.
I sighed as I explained the situation to him on the way to class. All Jimin could say as we walked along was “Good Luck”.
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Really? be untagged?! (-`Д´-ノ;)ノ?! Haha their loss, anyways can't wait for next chapter♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡
I love your stories and I'm sorry people are offended so easy. This story is so good already! I like that she is cursy. (yes I know that's not a word). I think tae is fo sho up to something. He seems sneaky. I think jimin likes her too.
Your stories are amazing, I don't see why people wouldn't?
Why wouldn't I read this? God it's amazing and you always hit me with these feels when you leave me at a cliffhanger :). Please continue tagging me!
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