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@MrsKyungil made fun History screenshot games! You can play part 1 here These are what I got! :D What did everyone else get?
Well I can't really complain about this. lol He'd make a great friend.
My beloved "freaky lil solder" (lol for those who have listened to his solo song 1Century) Yijeong! Off to a great start.
From best friend to boyfriend #2...go me!
And back to my lovely maknae Yijeong. This keeps getting better.
Not gonna lie I was hoping I'd get him at least once!
If he confessed to me I would not be able to say no...
Yasssss...please father my children!
Omg what a great ending!! I'd so marry him and have 4 kids with him! *currently dreaming and wishing this was real life* Such a fun game! I wanna hear what others get if anyone takes it :)