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So, I have been thinking of emotional scenes that really tug at my heartstrings and have compiled a list of some of the most emotional scenes in my opinion that jerk my tears. Some scenes have amazing actors and actresses that just make me want to bawl my eyes out. This is my Top 5 list of most Emotional K-Drama Scenes!!! Warning there may be SPOILERS!!! So if you have not seen any of the following, don't read the descriptions.
5. Love Rain (Breakup Sadness) Love Rain is one of my top favorite dramas. It's super cute and makes me smile and laugh. But, what broke my heart was the fact that Yoona who played the female lead said she wanted her mom to be happy and marry the man she loved who happens to be the father of the man Yoona loves. This makes Guen Suk who plays the male lead upset and grants her wish for her mother's happiness and breaks up with Yoona. It gets real emotional after that. They made me bawl my eyes out so much, especially Yoona. Guen Suk just made her even more depressed by making it seem as though he was totally fine with breaking up and didn't like her at all even though he fell for her first. It was so sad when she is crying on the stairs and he walks past, he wants to comfort her but keeps walking. ;(
4. Queen In Hyun's Man (He's Dead?) In this drama the female lead believes that the man she loves who is from a different era has died since she read it in a book. But doesn't know that he is actually alive and is right across from her in the same hospital room because he was shot with arrows. Thus, flew him back into her time and he showed up there and got treatment. I have to say that Yoo In Na is an outstanding actresses, she did amazing in her emotional crying scene that it will bring you to tears as it did me. I couldn't stop crying even though I knew he was still alive.
3. Personal Taste (Recovered Memories) This drama was really amazing and this scene was the one that really got me. The female lead just got home and realized that her living room is different and the floor is glass. She goes down to the basement and slowly recovers her memories from when she was younger. She goes back upstairs and a visitor comes to talk to her but isn't listening to a thing she is saying but instead trying to recover all of her memories. In doing that it pains her and she starts to think that her mother's death is her fault. She hears voices of her neighbors saying that she killed her mother and that's the reason why her father doesn't like her. She starts to cry and shake in fear. I feel so much sadness and sorrow towards her.
2. City Hunter (Na Na Takes a Bullet) This is one amazing, action packed drama that left me with sadness and emptiness. The saddest and most emotional scene from this drama was by far the scene where Na Na (Park Min Young) comes in and beats up guys who are all attacking Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho). She sees that a guy is pulling out his gun to shoot Yoon Sung, so she blocks him and ends up getting shot instead and falls on top of Yoon Sung. She then, states that he saved her twice already and asked "is this the kind of pain you felt?". And passes out, she doesn't die but still Yoon Sung's face full of sadness makes me cry my eyes out. Then in the last episode they make it seem as though Yoon sung and his father die together hand in hand but then you see Yoon Sung in the last scene. . .
1. Pinocchio (Brother's Reunite) Finally, the drama that was chalk full of emotional scenes, Pinocchio! This is my all time favorite drama because of it's emotional scenes and amazing actors and plot. The saddest scene to me and probably to most people that have seen this drama would say the scene where the brother's reunite. Jae Myung thinks that his younger brother killed himself with his mother after his father's death because of reporters. So, he planned to take revenge for all of their deaths but little did he know that his little brother Ha Myung was still alive. Ha Myung was to late to stop Jae Myung and he already killed someone. Ha Myung blames himself and blames himself for his brother becoming a murderer. Once they reunite, it gets real emotional and they are crying in each other's arms and talking about the past and the promises they made. It's so sad and I couldn't keep myself together. I think this is the saddest drama that I've watched. I cried in almost every episode, including episode 1.

I have 2 Honorable Mentions!

1. Boys Over Flowers (Pool Scene: Remember Me) I cry watching this scene every time and the song called "What Should I Do?" that plays in the background makes it even more sad. Go Jun Pyo forgot everything about Guem Jan Di until she drops herself in the water and his memories start to flood back to him.
2. You're Beautiful (Jeremy, Don't Cry!) If you have watched You're Beautiful, then you understand why this scene is sad. Everyone loves Jeremy, he's adorable and wants to be with the female lead but is heartbroken when he finds out that she loves his best friend. And is crying while singing on the bus.

What K-Dramas tug at your heartstrings?

@seouls Yes, Kill Me, Heal Me literally killed me inside! 馃槶
*****SPOILER ALERT****** When Prince Lee Gak disappeared in front of Park Ha after the rooftop wedding in Rooftop Prince... When Joon Jae reunites with Takuya at the end of The Lovers.... When Do Min Joon disappears off of the balcony during the Comet flyby in My Love from The Stars... All of "A Wolf Boy"... All through Kill Me Heal Me.... When Wang So stands in the frozen river holding Gaebong as she lays near death in his arms while he kisses her, and cries for her, and helps her heal her cold poisoned heart in Shine or Go Crazy....
The scene in Dream High with Hye Mi singing to Baek Hee while she was in the taxi was a huge tearjerker for me
I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched so I'll try to be cryptic: the 1st and last goodbyes really choked me up in Kill Me Heal Me.
I completely agree with those and Pinocchio was a whirlwind of crying. I knew it was going to be good when I was bawling so bad on the first episode.
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