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New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will be on the cover of "Madden NFL '17,"
"My rookie year [in 2010], it was just an honor to be in the game, just using yourself as a player, throwing yourself the ball every single time you can at home, just playing the game," Gronkowski told SportsCenter. "Now it's a dream come true, going into my seventh season and being on the cover."
Gronkowski is the first tight end to grace the Madden cover and is also the first Patriots player to be selected. Over the last two seasons, Gronkowski has totaled 154 receptions for 2,300 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Was the choice of Rob Gronkowski the right one for the cover of Madden 17'?

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i personally don't like the pick but o well
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the curse will live on haha
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hes curseddddddd
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