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Few months ago, i walked into an exotic restaurant to have lunch. Immediately i settled down, i hurriedly placed my order (I was damn hungry - *LOL*), I just couldn't wait to eat a sumptuous meal. But things didn't go the way I'd expected it, something else happened. After almost about 20mins of waiting for my order, 3 guys walked in to have lunch and of course placed their orders. Amazingly, almost immediately, they were served while I was still waiting for my order. This got me a little angry and then i beckoned on the lady who took my order to inquire why I haven't been served and why the other guys who just walked in already got their foods. Then the lady said to me politely, "Sir You Made A Very Special Order And It'll Take Time To beautifully Prepare It For You; the other guys just ordered for snacks!" Hmmm.... that got me thinking. And that's the word for you today. I learnt a very profound lesson that day. Sometimes in life, when you look around and see all of your friends (even junior friends) having all the good things of life and it just seems you are the only one still waiting (struggling), you feel angry and depressed. But, here's the truth; You ordered a special kind of food, not just snacks/junks. So I want to encourage you, your order may seem delayed, friends may seem to be enjoying their meal (life) while you are still waiting, I want you to know that God (the master chef) is taking His time to prepare a special delicacy for you and when you are finally served, it's gonna be so sumptuous. Here's my word for you; Wait just a little longer, Your MEAL is almost ready! God bless You friend, i am PROUD of your waiting moment, & I just can't wait to celebrate your MEAL moments.
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