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"GO AWAY!!!" You screamed while running away "NEVER NOW GET BACK HERE!!!" Your boyfriend laughed and grabbed you by the waist picking you up bridal style "ANDWAE" you screamed and held onto him "1" he started swinging you lightly "no no no no!!!" You started wiggling "2" "OTTOKAE!!" "3!!!" He threw you into the lake and you screamed landing into the lake while your boyfriend laughed hysterically on land. You swam back up to the top and looked at Jin " yah" you glared "jin!!!" You swim out and chased after your boyfriend "I WAS FULLY CLOTHED YOU PABO!!!" You yelled at him "MINHAE~!" He yelled back It was suppose to be a date at the park not lead your girlfriend to a lake and throw her in type of thing "GET OVER HERE" you picked up your pace trying to catch up but he turned suddenly, stopping, making you run into him and both of you falling "gwenchana!?" You looked up at Jin but he said nothing but smiled "jin?" His smile grew wider and he placed a gentle kiss on your lips "I love you" he whispered " and I love you" you smiled "now tell me why the heck you threw me into a lake!?" He started laughing again and shrugged "molla it seemed fun to do~" you stared at him in disbelief and started laughing  "yah where is my lovely kind boyfriend jin? like what have you done to him!?" He shrugged again "molla I'm his evil twin mwuahaha!" You bit his shoulder "ow!" You laughed "and I'm y/n's evil twin kekeke" you got up and helped jin up "now come my evil boyfriend follow your evil girlfriend for the attack on ice cream!" He laughed "yes let's go my sweet ONWARDS!!!" You both started walking until you pushed him into the lake without his notice "Y-YAH! " He fell in soon popping back up and stared at you "YAH!!" You hugged your stomach laughing "payback! See you at the ice cream stand" you started skipping away while he swam to land "y/n y/l/n" you turned around to be met with a jin running towards you and you screamed running away "HELP CRAZY BOYFRIEND ON THE LOOSE!!!"