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What's up guys! John here and if you didn't know already some idols birthdays are being celebrated today. Check them out below!!

Jonghyun from CNBlue

Turning 26 May 15th, 1990 Few Facts: Real Name- Lee Jong Hyun Guitarist and Vocalist of the group Born in Busan, South Korea

Sunny from Girls' Generation

Turning 27 May 15, 1989 Few Facts: Real Name- Lee Soon Kyu Lead Vocalist in group Born in Los Angeles

Soyul from Crayon Pop

Turning 25 May 15th, 1991 Few Facts: Name- Park HyeKyeong Crayon Pop's maknae and mascot Rapper in the group

Sihyong from History

Turning 24 May 15, 1992 Fun Facts: Name- Kim Si Hyoung Rapper of the group Ironically good friends with SHINee's Jonghyun
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happy birthday!!