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Love knowing your new favorite products so its only fair I share my current favorites!!!
TEMPTU liquid bronzer. This has taken me to a new aspect of life. Never thought liquid would lend so nice and lasts so long. My new favorite bronzer. Love it. Discovered it through Ipsy & Im in love!
Finals are coming up, & nobody likes showing their dark circles. This is the best concealer I've tried to hide them! Definitely recommend!
$20 mascara yet soooo worth it. Too Faced-BETTER THAN SEX. Makes my lashes truly look flawless. I love it. In fact I've even been hearing customer comment that it has made their lashes grow . . .
TATTOOED LINER Been wearing this eyeliner a month straight now. Discovered it through Ipsy & absaloutely love it! No smearing, super black, & long lasting! super pointy end for that precise wing!
Summer is coming & this TARTE setting powder has held my makeup in place for the entire day . Love it. Discovered through Ipsy as well.
BELLPIERRE MAKEUP BASE. Perfect makeup base to keep those pimples, & imperfections covered!
TOO FACED Eyeshadow insurance Really keeps your eyeshadow in place especially those glittery shadows !
My favorite monthly lip combo . I love matte but can get too dry so this is my perfect combo for ombre balanced lips colourpop-sting raye mac- faux
I'm pale and my hands tend to look extra ashy so this has been my favorite hand cream fragrance to keep my hands moisturized all day.
& last but certainly not least my new favorite perfume. It is fairly new to the collection & smells amazing. I just had to buy it for myself as a grad gift . Smells that great! Well I hope you all enjoyed this. Please share your favorites . What are you excited to try? @tessStevens @jordanhamilton @hikaymm & if you do wana join Ipsy & try new amazing products for only $10montly . here is a link to do so :
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Fab! Thanks for posting pictures of the products! It really helps. Plus I think it's awesome when people create their own original posts. Anyway I absolutely love that you included some non-makeup items as well!
@stephosorio Yes it smells so flowery and fresh & age rewind sure hides my dark circles!
great list of faves! instant age rewind concealer happens to be my favorite and I've heard great things about the MJ Daisy Blush fragrance. definitely going to have to give that a try.
@TessStevens thank you :)
@hikaymm lol never too much makeup !
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