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time for possibly the longest heartthrob post I will ever make.... I chose hetalia's 2p! characters because they have more depth to them and I like their alternate names.
2p! characters are the opposite of the original
warning: these characters are most often violent, sadistic, evil, and/or lustful and this post will be very VERY long

2p! Italy and Romano

Luciano (Italy) and Flavio (romano)
Luciano: He is considered bossy , moody, sadistic, manipulative, and engergetic. much like his 1p self he is marked as cowardly. he is most like the original romano because he is short tempered and impatient and EXTREMLY possessive. Just like the original he likes to flirt and he loves pasta but he has a 'secret sauce' on it which is really the blood of his victims. by the way he is a tsundere.
Flavio: He is more like 1p Italy. Cheerful , energetic, and fashionable. but he is far more manipulative and much less cowardly. he is aggressive when angered but calm around children and animals. He is protective of Luciano and he is very doting.

2p! Germany and Japan

Lutz Beilschimidt and Kyo Honda
Lutz: He has a delinquent behavior and is pretty sloppy. He lacks the 'solider attitude'. He can be arrogant but loyal. He can be shown to be a pervert or ladies man. In a darker side of his personality he is in to tourture and BDSM. He sports a scar on his cheek rumored to have been given by 2p Italy.
Kyo: He retains his politeness but in a matter of honor instead of respect. He doesn't speak unless spoken to. He is not friendly and carries a ' sorry not sorry' attitude. He is pretty open about his perverted interests by drawing hentai and he often swears.

2p! America and England

Allen F. Jones and Oliver Kirkland
Allen: A delinquent and punk. underneath the tough exterior lays an vegan animal lover! He swears often and portrayed as the misunderstood bad boy. He calls women 'doll' or 'dollface' and mocks his 1p self with the name 'pork chop'. he normally speaks in a new York or Boston accent. He is a notorious lady killer with a soft spot for animals.
Oliver: He is bubbly , energetic , and a talented chef with a knack for sweets and pastries. Most of his interpretations show him as unstable and gleefully sadistic behind a false friendly persona. Popularly, his baked goods are laced with drugs or poison and in rare instances humans are baked in to cupcakes. Shown to be clingy and very affectionate.

2p! Russia and France

Ion Braginski and Francois Bonnefoy
Ion: Stoic, quiet type and often very serious and mature and sometimes judgmental. He doesn't trust people and he can very bitter with blunt honesty and sarcasm. He is difficult to embarrass and he has perfected the art of the 'poker face'. He tends to favor manipulation or brute force.
Francois: He favors lust over love and lacks a vigor for life. He is very lazy and selfish. he puts up a very offensive and vulgar front. Ordinary relationships tend to be awkward for him, and he can easily be unfaithful. He doesn't really have any friends and sees everyone as basically worthless.He is a heavy smoker and alcoholic and lives by a motto... 'Sleep , Eat, Screw'.
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I am Satisfied that Flavio was mentioned :)