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Comment if I missed something, there's not a lot this week! Let's explore music together!
Moxie released "Ketch Up" this week and the video is so comical, even though the song had a more serious feel, the video distracted me a bit. The song on the other hand is catchy but I can't tell if it's a parody as I didn't look up the lyrics translated.
Woohyun from INFINITE is making his solo debut with "Nodding" which is a ballad with a bittersweet feeling that is enhanced by the story of the music video. Woohyun has a somber voice that fits well with the content.
Hello Venus came back with a song "Glow". The son is a complete 180-degree turn from their recent concepts as it it a ballad. Hello Venus members prove to be able to handle both sides of the spectrum.
I'm pretty sure most people have heard of this one but Tiffany from Girls' Generation has made her solo debut with "I Just Wanna Dance". The song has a very retro feeling to it and seems to reflect a new style from other SM artists.
G.Soul released "Far, Far Away" this week which has a caribbean/beach vacation vibe. The song is very catchy and will make you ignore the fact that the song is about being alone.
Along with "Far, Far Away", G.Soul also released "Where Do We Go From Here". This song in contrast to "Far, Far Away" is much more chill. Though both songs appear to be centered around the same subject of failed relationships, this song is more emotional.
V.O.S released "My Melody" this week which is a climbing song that starts more calm and leads well into a mid-tempo chorus. The song is very physically moving and seems very relaxed.
*Audio retrieved from Youtube Account: YOUNG_MUMBLESTASH18
Last on the list is SM Station's release of the week from K.Will and EXO's Baekhyun called "The Day". The song is a sweet ballad centered around the feeling of longing. The pairing for this song is two strong vocalists.
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