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I AM SO SO SO SORRY!!!!I thought I had uploaded this a long time ago but I can't find the card... so here it is and I plan on updating again since I left you guys hanging for so long. MIANHAE!!!!

After work I did just as Hobi asked. I met him at our place. I knocked first then walked in. "Hello?" I said walking in. "Shh she's here." I hear and then Hobi showed up. "Hey baby." He said coming and kissing me. "So what's the surprise?" "Oh you want it that much?" "Yea of course." I laughed "Alright follow me" He started walking away I followed him. He opened the door to the bedroom and then moved aside. I walked in. "You brought all my stuff here?" I was shocked it looked like everything was here. "Yea. I know your lease isn't up for 2 more weeks but I figure you don't need to stay there anymore. So we cleaned it out." "Aww you guys are awesome." I turned around and went out to the hall where they were all standing. "Well you have made our Hope very happy so we are happy." Jin said "We heard what you did to Jackie." Tae said "Oh yea." "You are such a badass!" Yoongi said. "Yea I guess....moral of this story is don't mess with me or the people I care about." "My girl has become so strong within the year." Hobi said and I turned to smile at him. "It's all thanks to you." I kissed his lips real quick. "Man I want a girlfriend!" Tae said. "Be careful who you choose." Namjoon said. "Well we should get going." Jimin said "What? Aren't we going to eat dinner together?" "Nah you and Hoseok should have tonight to yourselves. Well go out for dinner tomorrow ok?" Jin said "Ok. Well thanks for doing this. It was really nice." "No problem." They all said and walked away and Hobi followed them. I went back into the room and jumped on the bed. I had been waiting patiently to sleep in this bed. The next day I didn't have to work so the morning consisted of Hobi and I cuddling. Then after a while we got up and started doing things. This is amazing to realize what my life with him will be like. It was later in the afternoon when he got a phone call. "Hey what's up?..........oh ok........yea I'll be there soon......ok bye." "What was that?" "Namjoon says that there's big news and to get to the company fast." "Oh ok well ill wait here. We still plan on dinner right?" "Yup." He said running over to me and kissing my forehead then running to the door. "Be safe." I called after him. "I will. I love you!" "I love you too." Then he was gone. I was alone. Which I would be quite alot. Now was the time to see how it would be. I am already used to being alone but now that he'll be able to stay here at night is an amazing feeling. I sat down and turned on the tv. I watched it for a little while until the door flew open. "(Y/n)!!!" I turned to him "What's up?" "We're going to do a world tour!" "Really!!" "Yea it is official we start in Korea then end in Korea...we get to start next month." "Oh I'm so happy for you." I ran over to him and kissed him. "We are all so excited." "I bet...well now dinner is to celebrate you guys going on your first world tour."
So.....I hope you liked this...Sadly...I think I'll be coming to an end soon....I keep trying to make it go further but I think it's almost time....not within the next 2 chapters though lol
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Whooooo world tour ❤