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Lukasz Wierzbowski

Lukasz Wierzbowski was born in 1983 Solo exhibitions: "Portraits" Czarny Neseser Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland (2012) "Flickr Artists: Lukasz Wierzbowski" Nizio Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2011) Group exhibitions: “Girls will be girls” Isetan, Tokyo, Japan (2013) "The Young And Recluse", New York, USA (2012) Dust And Scratches Exhibition, MMOMA Moscow, Russia (2012) "Speaking Without Tongues", Floor gallery, Texas, USA (2012) "Tourist presents first installment" International Picture House, London, UK (2012) "New Research" Los Angeles, USA (2012) Independent Photography Festival, Melbourne, Australia (2012) "Coming soon", Temporary Gallery Cologne, Koln, Germany (2012) “Dear Vol.1 The Dearest Couples: Gorka y Nico”, Madrid, Spain (2012) “We convert our mind to creativity”, Trier, Germany (2012) Elsewhere Factory “Patchbox”, Rome, Italy (2012) “Sum is equal to the difference” No Local, Krakow, Poland (2012) “If you leave” Motto Berlin, Berlin (2012) Up and coming style, ONO Arte Contemporanea, Bologna, Italy (2012) Attribute (v./n.), Perspectives Gallery, Milwaukee, USA (2012) Fashionality, Camera 16 gallery, Milano, Italy (2012) "Country of origin", Melbourne, Australia (2011) Pogo Books Exhibition,Neon Chocolate Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2011) Holy ghost "The collection", London, UK (2011) aTree Zine "Magic light", Croatia (2011) Pogo Books Sprungturm Exhibition, Cologne, Germany (2011) Wandering Bears, UK (2011) "Indian Summer" Fluxx Gallery, De Moines, USA (2011) Waterfall Magazine Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan (2011) Young fashion photographers now, Lodz, Poland (2011)
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