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➻ Today is the day of my Baby, Sangminnie Bear.

➻ We all have that one bias that is too cute for words, but also that makes face palming a daily norm.

➻ Kim Sangmin is my Ultimate Bias. I love him to pieces. Sometimes, there may be no hope for him, but I love him regardless.

➻ I'm not going to even try to analyze what was so interesting about that slab, but just know that he makes me smile.

➻ He's my Big Man Child.

➻ Sometimes He is a Pretty Princess.

➻ Other times he is just too precious. I have to have Sangmin in my life.

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@IsoldaPazo Yea! That's how he got me! XD HAHA I fell in love with my goofball. @SimplyAwkward I will definitely add you to the tag!! ♡♡
tag me in because I am now interested in this group
his seducing skills are beyond this world lol