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KpopInt Survey!
Annyeong! Reporter Taemi here! We want to know how are you enjoying Kpopint so far! Please feel free to take this survey to help us to continue to make things better for you guys!

1.) What is your favorite collection?

● Kpop Music News ● Kdrama News ● Korean Food and Culture ● Learn Korean & Korean Trans ● Korean Fashion, beauty, & Skin care ● Kpop Miscellaneous Goodies ● TV Shows ● Artist Spotlight ● K-Beauty Spotlight ● Your Daily MV Hook Up ● Kpopint Collection ●Week-in Review

2.) How active are you on Vingle?

● An hour or less ● 2 hours to 3 hours ● 3 hours or more

3.) Which part of the day are you mostly on Vingle?

● Early morning ● Afternoon ● Evening ● Night ● Late night

4.) Do you wish to see more serious cards like what's going on in Korea?

5.) Do wish to see more games, quizzes, memes, etc.

6.) Should we start posting our own fanfics?

7.) Is there anything else you would like to see here on Kpopint?

8.) Rate Us!

1- 3

1- I like you a little

2- I like you a lot

3- I love you!

Thank you for your time!

Reporter @parktaemi

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1. Week-In Review (because it includes everything 😝) 2. 3 Hours or More 3. I am really on Vingle all throughout the day, but during school I am not on in the early morning 4. Sure! 5. Definitely! I love these a lot! 6. I would read them. 7. Not that I could think of 8. 3
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1). K-pop Music News, Kdrama News, Korea Food & Culture, Learn Korean & Korean Trans, Korean Fashion, Beauty & Skin Care, and Week-In Review 2). 3 hours or more :) 3). Evening, Night, Late Night 4). Yes! 5). Yes! 6). Uhmm.... I... don't think so >.< Bc a lot of people are going to request a lot of fluff or smut and stuff and it's going to be awkward. This whole page is just gonna feel like a fanfic website/article than a place where I can learn Korean and enjoy what's happening in Korea~ 하지만 ! You can always recommend using some fanfic for us to read! :3 7). everything seems fine :) 8). 3!!!
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1) I love them all ♡ 2) 3 hours or more 3) Afternoon, Evening, & Night 4) Yes!! 5) Yes!! 6) Yes!! 7) I have nothing in mind. 8) 3 - I love it!! ♡
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1. i kinda like all collections. 2. 3 or more hours depending 3. um through out the day so for me anytime. 4. yes. 5. yes 6. i say y not. 7. i dont really see anything yet. 8. 3
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