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So we all have that one anime you can still over and over again and still laugh to this day at the same scenes you've laughed at multiple times! SOOO heres my list of anime's i've watched and can still laughed

6. Ore Monogatori

this is my second time watching it, but when I first watched it, I am still laughing at the same scenes that I laughed at

5. Clannad

other than crying throughout the entire anime, they're still scenes I can still laugh to this day. I did enjoy this anime, because its wasn't just all crying and sad moments in this anime, there were some funny moments as well

4. Itazura na Kiss

This is my second time watching this anime. I enjoyed watching there relationship grow, but more importantly the comedy was fantastic. It mainly was Irie-kun's mother that made me laugh the most when she did things just to get Kotoko and Noaki to get together If you haven't seen this, I HIGHLY recommend you do or at least put it on your list/

3. My Bride is a Mermaid

Saw this once in Japanese and loved it BUT when I saw it in English, I felt it was funnier than the Japanese. Also I think they did a good job with picking the voice actors for the characters. Having Todd Haberkorn as Nagasumi was perfect! His voice fits the personality of Nagasumi (if you haven't watched this either, please do)

2. Kaichou wa Maid-sama or in English Maid-Sama

Again I watched this in both Japanese and English. and I enjoyed both versions had great voice acting along with the comedy. I can't tell you how many times I've watched this. For the English I've guessed for some of the characters voice actors should be in the English Dub. I was right for almost all of them except for one but that's ok

1. Ouran Highschool Host Club

I kid you not, I've watched this anime SOO MANY TIMES in English dub. The voice acting is beautiful Character: Voice Actor: Haruhi Fujioka - Caitlin Glass Tamaki Suoui - Vic Mignogna Kyoya Otori - J. Michael Tatum Hikaru Hitachiin -Todd Haberkorn Kaoru Hitachiin - Greg Ayres Mitsukuni Haninozuka - Luci Christian (Honey is my personal favorite XD) Takashi Morinozuka - Travis Willingham They all had done such an amazing job and there voices go so well with each character but i give props to Todd and Greg having to to say the same lines at the same time (recorded at separate times i'm thinking but still it works and its done so well) Vic, J. Michael and Todd are my favorite voice actors in the anime voice acting industry. (I mean i have more but they're my most favorite)
Thank you so much for reading, comment below an anime you can still watch and can still laugh at the same scenes.
Avatar the Last Airbender (I know that's not an anime) and Rosario Vampire
@AnimeNerdie Yes! lol Besides FT I would still laugh from Assassination Classroom, Seven Deadly Sin, Magi, OHSHC, omg so many more
@AimeBolanos I mean I would take a break from it.....maybe watch Assassination Classroom in between (need to finish S1
@AimeBolanos @PASCUASIO #TeamFairyTail #FairyTailandChill (says Todd Haberkorn aka Natsu 😂)
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