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Part 1 Edited on ( 11-05-16 ) _ * _ * _ * 9... This time he went to her house. He didn't know when she would decide to give up so he would have to spend as much time as possible with her and that meant even at her home. She hadn't expected him when he came into her room one morning. Her parents had let him in and she didn't have enough time to shove the gun fully back in the drawer. 'She's preparing...' Luckily for her, her parents hadn't bothered to come up because they both needed to leave for work. "I thought we were only meeting at school." she spoke putting the pistol away. She motioned for him to shut the door incase her mom hadn't left yet. "You can sit on the bed." He walked towards the end of the bed facing her. It was like this for minutes, just them staring, memorizing each other's features. A silence falling between them. "Shall we go?" She grabbed her bag exiting her room with him trailing behind. As soon as she closed the front door she stopped earning a questioning look. "I know you've been following me for a while. That's why I didn't fight you when you dragged me away." He scoffed a little. "Here i thought you didn't. You sure acted like it." "I was hoping you were a psycho stalker." "You're that desperate, huh?" He grabbed her wrist pulling her along towards the school. "Don't think anyone around here is gonna finish you off. Nobody wants blood on their hands." "I know that now." she mumbled. A long silence over coming them. _ * _ * _ * He didn't let go of her hand. They would separate to go to their own classes only to meet in the hallways and lunch nodding heads the only sign of acknowledgement when they could heading towards the roof. "Maybe I should jump from here instead." she spoke as they stood on the edge of the roof. "You'll have to take me with you." "This isn't Shakespeare." "You're right, it's worse, it's real life." It seemed this was how it went. They would talk a little only to stop letting the quiet seep in as her brain counted the time left in the day. Night was the worst time. The bell rang signaling the end of lunch. She turned to walk out when he grabbed her arm. "Just today?" "Fine." They sat swinging their dangling legs back and forth. "You know what's worse than this mess?" She asked refusing to look at him. "What?" She let a single tear slip down her cheek, glistening in the sunlight, causing him to look at her with weary eyes. "I say I want to die, but to be honest, I don't know if I really want to die or just start living." The tears came out faster with no sign of stopping. As he opened his mouth it started to rain as if she controlled the sky. Even though it was pouring hard they refused to move thinking maybe rain could take it all away. "That's the thing, Y/N..." His voice came out cracked as he had started crying to. "No one knows and they never will until one or the other happens. Me? The only thing keeping me going right now is the fact I can still feel something. I decided as long as that exists in me I'm still of use. And look, I got to meet a professional at faker." He grabbed her hand as she leaned her head on his soaked shoulder. "But I'm only of use to you for now. Once you get what you want, you'll be gone and so will I." A laugh escaped his lips as he stood up pulling her with him towards the door. "That is true. You know all this and it's only the second day." "You're not the only one who watches." "That I'm not." _ * _ * _ * "Why does nine days seem so long?" She whispered to her lonely self in her room. Why was she even waiting? Because that's how long it was going to take to build up courage for finishing the job she failed before. It was still raining causing her window to fog up. When her parents asked why she left school she replied saying she was sick. It wasn't a total lie, she was sick just not physically. But it's pretty sad that her loving parents can't see through her lies, because she's their trustworthy, cheerful daughter. And yet no matter how much she was told by everyone around that she was loved the back of her mind would always remind her.... You're trash, you've always been trash, they would love for you to just disappear. It was stupid but she had always believed it and she didn't know why.
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