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We all know BIGBANG is like the greatest KPOP group ever. (no disagrees, thank you). So I made this card. BIGBANG has touched many people's heart with their music, so my question is:

What top five songs make you cry of want to cry?

Here's mine.

5. Sober.

I really like this song, it's amazing, but it makes me sad, because how far BIGBANG has come...And sadly, their kind of breaking up, which is horrible... Even though BIGBANG is not my favorite group, BIGBANG is still the best group, no lies with that. This song is just sad, and the ending is even worst(where they sing "La, la la la la, la" with out the music, but the clapping and cheering...

4. Love Song.

Other than being one of my favorite BIGBANG songs, this song is very sad to me. I mean, the title is "Love Song", you wouldn't think that it would be hating this love song, but this is BIGBANG...This song is just pretty sad to me..It almost brings me to tears when I hear it..This song and many others are the reason I try to stay away from BIGBANG because they make me so sad, but I just can't leave these songs for some reason..Their like drugs...

3. Haru Haru.

The song itself is very sad, but then you add in the video and it makes it heartbreaking...Like this song is....Just so beautiful...The video is beautiful and everything about it is really beautiful...So I bet you guys can agree with this song being one of BIGBANG's saddest songs..

2. Monster.

This again is one of my favorite BIGBANG songs....It makes me sad to listen to it..I know most of you won't agree with this one, but I do believe it's super sad, yet I love it... Why does all of BIGBANG'S songs have to touch not only the soul, but the heart as well?!? (Plus Jiyong totally killed me in the video...)


1. Loser.

This is my favorite BIGBANG song...It touches me so bad in the heart...This song and I Need U are my depressing songs....They always make me depressed..But their a drug...And I'm so high I can't come down...It was hard for me to write this, because even thinking about the song sends me into depress mode...If I ever need a good cry, this song and I Need U, are the songs I would go to, because they just make me depressed.. And sometimes I'm so high off of their pill, no one can bring me down. Normally, if I'm not so deep in depression, anyone can get me out..But if I'm pretty deep, only Hoseok make me happy again(and he's not even my bias or bias wrecker of BTS), but if I'm too deep..The only person is Mark....That's why I love him so much...But anyways...This song Just makes me sad thinking about it. Why is this my favorite song??? Why am I so addicted???
We don't speak of "Haru Haru".... We let it rest in the dark corners of our minds.... 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
If You Haru Haru Lies Monster Blue
hmmm If You is a sad song. so is Loser and Lets not Fall in Love.
@TaehyungV for me it is 'lets not fall in love' because it is what i fear most if i dated one of them like imagine being one of their girlfriends and they felt like you weren't happy with them THEN listen to that song
@TaehyungV "if you" and "let's not fall in love"
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