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Pairing: Jimin x Reader Word Length: 1,913 (Y/N) P.O.V "Jimin are you in your right mind!?" Jimin burst out laughing. "It was a joke!" Sigh. This guy... I'm glad we're best friends. Although sometimes I wonder how that happened. "Lets just go get my ice cream you weird ass." I said chuckling. "Yes sir!" He saluted. Arriving at Ice Cream Delights which is by the way my favorite Ice cream shop ever! Jimin ordered for us, he got me a vanilla and strawberry with some walnuts and he got himself chocolate and vanilla by itself. "Where to know your majesty?" Says Jimin as he bows. I curtsy. "Well we coul-." "Hey! Wait up don't run from me!" Jimin and I stare as we see a guy chasing after a black/gray and white puppy. I aw in silence as I begin to realize the person chasing the pup is Hoseok! "Is that?" Jimin ask as he's pointing to him. "Yep." "Should we help him with the chase? or should we just continue watching?" I say as I give my ice cream to Jimin and run off towards Hoseok. "Hoseok!" I yell out catching up to where he is standing. "(y/n)?" Said Hoseok while blinking many times. Maybe he has something in his eyes? "That's me." I reply with a wide eyed smile. Hoseok walked up to me wrapping his arms around me giving me a warm hug. I simply return but by that time Jimin had arrived. "Ahem." Hoseok and I just burst out laughing. Typical Jimin. "Haven't seen (y/n) in a while." Says Hoseok while rubbing the back of his neck. It's true we haven't seen each other. The last time I saw the guys was about 2 weeks ago. Usually we meet up every 2 weeks but we couldn't this time. We all have our own situations and I wouldn't want to bother any of the guys just to see them. They have much more important things to do than hang out with me. "Still doesn't give you the right to hug my best friend." I glare at Jimin. "I'm joking, I'm joking. But it's great to see you again Hoseok." Hoseok just laughs and puts his arm around Jimin, his other free arm is now around my neck. "How about we continue this talk later guys? Right now I have to find my dog. These streets are dangerous. What if some other dog decides to eat him!? What if he gets abducted!? What i-." I pinched his lips before he could say another word. "I think we've heard enough." I chuckled. I also wonder how I become friends with this guy. We all separate going in different directions. I feel my phone vibrating in my back pocket pulling it out I read the caller ID 'Hobi'. Answering my phone I hear Hobi saying, "It's agent number 4546 and I have two missions for you. Mission number one is retrieve my dog at all cost. Make sure he's safe. Mission number two is succeed in mission number one. Also his name is Ace he is a male and black and white! Good luck! Over and out." The call ends. I pace palm. Couldn't he have told us while we were with him? I laugh to myself. Okay now I remember why and how we became close friends. Though right now is not the time for that. I've been running for a while now. How hard can it be to find a dog? Well let me answer that for you. IMPOSSIBLE. He could be anywhere! Maybe he could have been abducted! I mentally slap myself for thinking that way. Taking a deep breathe in and out I continue running in search for the dog. This is really harder than I thought. Once again my phone vibrates thinking it was Hobi I answer right away without even checking the caller ID. "What was that first phone call about? You could've just told us in person you idiot! Also I can't fin-" "Woah, woah too much at once." This isn't Hobi... Wait a minute I recognize that voice! Could it be...? "Tae!?" "I don't know.. I think so, maybe." I couldn't help but make a smile on my face. Same thing with Tae we have't talked in such a long as time. And now that I think about it I wonder what's up. He's one of the busiest. "Stop playing games Tae I know it's you." I say with a small laugh. "Yes it's the one and only Taeyhung." "Is there something you need?" "No not really it's just that I wanted to tell you that I... that I.... that I'm.... I'm." "Spit it out Tae." "I'm so in love.... with." My heart skipped a beat. He couldn't possibly be about to declare his love for me is he? No this isn't happening. If he does tell me he loves me what would I tell him? I don't know! Ahh geez. First let's hear him out. Who know's maybe it's one of his jokes again. "Just hurry and say it." Don't worry I'm on the phone and still searching for the Ace at the same time. Don't want to waste no time. "I'm so in love with food! So if you coul-." I hung up. It's not the first time he's done that. But instead of saying food he says some other random things. I don't know why I keep falling for that trick. In a way it makes me happy but in another it just makes me want to punch the shit outta Tae. Hoseok's P.O.V I sat down to catch my breathe for a moment about a minute later I stood up again and continued my search for Ace. Ace is my dog that I barely got a week ago I've been meaning to raise it with the guys and (y/n) but we haven't spoken. It actually makes me sad but I was thinking that maybe tomorrow I could meet up with everyone and bring Ace along with me. But I don't think that's going to happen. I left Ace without his leash while I went to go throw the trash away. He usually listens when I tell him to stay but apparently this time he decided to be a rebel. When I came back he wasn't there no more and since then I've been in search for him. Where could this dog possibly be. And right when I asked that question I see him laying down on the grass rolling over. I slowly approached it. He doesn't seem to notice so far. Good. I misplace a step. He stops rolling and slowly gets up. I run towards him and when I do he's running away from me. No matter how much speed I put into my legs I'm still slower than him. "Hey! Wait up don't run from me!" I say as I start to slow down. This dog seriously... I love him. That's it. I'm taking another rest. I stay standing up. My hands on my knees catching my breathe. I hear footsteps running over. Not bothering to look I stay in the position I'm currently in. "Hoseok!" I look up to see who it was. "(y/n)?" I blink several times. I'm not dreaming am I? It's her! "That's me." She replies while giving me one of her best smiles ever. I couldn't help but walk over to her. I place my arms around her giving her a tight hug. I've missed her so much. Right away I felt arms around me as well. Could she have missed me as much as I missed her? "Ahem." I let go of (y/n) and see Jimin. Wait. Jimin? Wasn't he out of town? Soon enough (y/n) and I start laughing. Jealous much? "Haven't seen (y/n) in a while." I said. I rubbed the back of my neck. Boy were so many things going on today. "Still doesn't give you the right to hug my best friend." (y/n) glares at Jimin. "I'm joking, I'm joking. But it's great to see you again Hoseok." I just laugh and place my arm around Jimin's shoulders I also grab (y/n). "How about we continue this talk later guys? Right now I have to find my dog. These streets are dangerous. What if some other dog decides to eat him!? What if he gets abducted!? What i-." I feel warm finger tips on my lips I look to the side and see that it was (y/n). I feel my cheeks warm up a little. "I think we've heard enough." (y/n) chuckles. She lets go of my lips. A few minutes later we each go into separate directions. We are all going in search for Ace. But now that I think about it I didn't even tell them Ace's name. This will be harder for them. I laugh to myself. I've got to get them in the spirits and I definitely have an idea for that. I pull out my phone and dial (y/n) number. She picks up right away before I could even let her speak I talk right away. "Mission number one is retrieve my dog at all cost. Make sure he's safe. Mission number two is succeed in mission number one. Also his name is Ace! Good luck! Over and out." I hung up right away. Now next is Jimin. Since I couldn't remember the exact words I told (y/n) I came up with something different. It took 4 rings for Jimin to finally answer. God this boy. "Jiminie It's agent number 4546 it's and emergency! You have two missions. Come back with my dog and mission two is to make sure you complete mission one. Also his name is Ace, boy, black and white. Good luck! Over and out." Jimin's P.O.V After receiving that phone call from Hoseok I couldn't help but laugh. He never changes does he? Ah well I guess that's what great about him. Let's get started with mission one! Looking through every little corner and space there was still no sign of Ace. I think that was his name. How hard can it be to find a dog? Not that hard. I'm sure I can find him first. 30 minutes later there was still no sign of Ace. Okay change of mind trying to find a dog is harder than I thought. I'll call (y/n) to see if she has any luck. I pulled out my phone and dialed her number. "Come on Tae I don't have time for one of your jokes again.' "Tae?" "Jiminie? I'm sorry about that I thought you were Tae for a moment." "It's okay but what joke?" "Oh uhm it's nothing important." "If you say so but anyways how's the search going for Ace?" "Not so good. I think I looked to hard that I don't even know where I am anymore. I may or may not have gotten lost." "Who's the idiot now?" I say mocking her for what she did earlier. "Shut it. It just happened." "Idiot. Idiot. Idiot." "If you don't shut up I'll make sure to kill you in your sleep." "I wonder if you'll make it just in time for night. Considering that you're lost." "Shit!"After a good 20 seconds she hadn't respond ."(y/n) you there? hello? are messing with me? (y/n) stop playing around. I'm not joking."