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How many times have I said there should be a Booster Gold movie? Well, plenty.. A few times on here and of the Vingle Web I definitely been telling people about this idea. Finally someone has listened! I need Booster Gold in my life with Deadpool
Time-traveling (and usually egotistical) DC Comics superhero Michael Jon Carter – better known by his alias Booster Gold – is a character that Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl TV show co-creator Greg Berlanti has attempted to bring to the small screen too (since as far back as 2011). Over the past year, some fans have speculated that Booster Gold is a likely candidate to show up on the Arrow/Flash TV show spinoff Legends of Tomorrow (also co-created by Berlanti), all the more so because the character worked alongside Legends co-protagonist Rip Hunter in such comic book storylines as the post-Infinity Crisis 52 limited series published in 2006 (among other DC Comics narrative arcs). More recently, however, it came to light that Berlanti may be involved with development of a Booster Gold movie for the DC Extended Universe, with X-Men: First Class and Thor co-writer Zack Stentz having been recruited to put the script together. Berlanti has now confirmed as much to be true and said that he would even like to direct the feature, should it eventually receive a green light from Warner Bros. Pictures. Via :Screen time
Are you excited for Booster Gold like I am?
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I'm pretty excited about a Booster Gold movie, but not as excited as I'd be about a Blue Beetle movie. I think Blue Beetle is around the corner, they've mentioned Ted Cord in Arrow more than a few times.