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You text Kyungil after you’ve found the picture.
YOU: Good Morning. How was your night?
MJA: … Jagi, what are you playing at? Have you not read your texts?
YOU: Oh I’ve read them. From you, from Jak, from Yijeong. I’ve been on Facebook too.
MJA: #)$* I asked you not to do that.
YOU: I wake up to the entire world telling me not to, what do you think I’m going to do? Get real.
MJA: Can I come over?
YOU: I think that would be best.
The one thing you have going in your favor is that he doesn’t really know you yet. Oh he knows your body, but he still has much to learn about you, as a person. You figure it will take him about fifteen minutes to get there, if he speeds. You decide you have ten minutes before he arrives. It actually takes fifteen before there’s a knock on the door. You raise your eyebrow with a small frown, hmph. When you open the door there’s a single red rose and a very guilty looking man. You school your face, take the rose and let him enter.
He walks past you and turns at the living room.
“[YN], I can explain. Tell me you’ll let me explain.” He’s looking at you with such little boy puppy dog eyes that it takes everything in you to not laugh or smile. You put the rose in a small vase, turn and face him with folded arms.
“Alright, let’s hear it. Explain.”
“Can you come in here?”
“Nope. I’m going to stand right here, go ahead.”
You’ve had years of practice on younger siblings, trying to make them think they were in more trouble than they actually were. However, you have to admit, this is priceless.
He sighs, puts his hands in his pockets and begins.
“We were waiting for you, all of us. We thought you’d join us after you were done but you sent that text telling me you were tired and going home.”
You tilt your head and blink at him, waiting for him to continue.
“We had a little to drink,” you raise your eyebrow to this. “Okay, we were celebrating but I swear to God we were getting up to leave when Lee came over to us. She just kind of draped herself all over me and attached herself.”
He takes a breath and shuffles his feet, “I’ll admit I was shocked at first. My body remembers her but before it could respond I pushed her away. I swear, you can ask the guys! But someone had already taken a picture. She stood up, laughed, then leaned over and said, “Get yourself out of this one Lover.”
His hands were out of his pockets now, his face and eyes pleading with you to believe him. “I swear Jagi, I don’t want her, I only want you.”
You turn to the fridge and grab a soda. Turning back to him, you pop the top and take a drink. You start slowly walking towards him.
“Let me get this straight. You were accosted by your ex while waiting for me and drinking with the guys?”
He nods, “Do you believe me?”
You push him back so he lands on the couch. You set your drink on the coffee table and walk over and straddle him. His eyes open in shock, almost a little frightened. With one hand on his chest, you use the other to tap your chin.
“Let’s look at this from MY point of view.”
His eyes close as if he’s defeated but you pinch his nipple.
“My turn, don’t you ignore me,” his eyes fly open. “Better.”
You squirm a little harder then you need to on his lap and see the inner fight in his eyes. You can’t help it; a devilish grin spreads across your face. You lean forward into his face and his hands automatically go to your hips. You stop within two inches,
“Tell me lover. Where are your hands?”
His eyes drop to your hips and then back to your face. He’s confused and goes to remove them but you stop him.
“Nope, leave them there.”
His eyes are shifting back and forth, he is so confused. You lean back to the coffee table and grab your phone. You’d screenshot the picture from Facebook. You show him the picture and he winces, closing his eyes again. You pinch his other nipple, and his eyes and mouth open in protest.
You shake the phone in front of his face, “Where are your hands?”
He looks at the picture, not understanding. You point to his hands in the picture; they are on Lee’s stomach as he’s pushing her away. You toss your phone to the couch and put your arms around his neck. Slowly pulling his head forward you lean in and whisper; “You should know, I’m not that gullible.”
You place your lips on his and dive your hands into his hair. The minute he realizes you aren't mad he growls and takes over.
After a time you pull back and comment,
“However, you tell that slut the next time she comes near my man; I’ll sic Jak on her”.
He starts to laugh and you amend it for him, “Don't get me wrong, I could totally take her. But with Jak it would be fun to watch.”
Just then you hear a voice from the kitchen, “What are you watching me do?”
You turn to see Jak and Jiyong standing in the kitchen. Ji’s standing behind Jak, his arms wrapped around her, his head on her shoulder. He's smirking at you and Kyungil.
“I guess you guys didn’t hear us come in. We were afraid we’d have pick up pieces of Kyungil from the floor; obviously not.”
She smirks in your direction also.
“Oh, I tortured him first.”
You grin over at her and she laughs, “OH, hell dude,I’m sorry. Did you almost crap your pants? Mad [YN] is scary.”
Kyungil just throws his head back onto the couch and lets all of you talk about him as if he isn’t there.
Jak turns back to you, “So again, what are you watching me do?”
“I told him, to tell the slut that if she ever comes near him again I’ll sic you on her.”
You and Ji laugh at the squeal of delight out of Jak’s mouth.
“Really?!?! When? Can we go now? Oh, I have pent up anger at her for previous crap she's dished at Gil. Seriously, can we go now?”
I'm Jak, I would totally do that
I honestly didn't realize I named them the same until a couple of chapters ago! nope no saving this one.
omg these couples are killing my feels. I love how saay they are.
oh gosh u love my bestie.
thinking here.. Lee.. you have two Lee, makes me think I should really recap how I feel about the Lee I like in Forbidden... really thinking here
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