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Little late on the news, but oh my ksdhgiawhgiua. IT'S SO PRETTY AND MAJESTIC! There are no words for me to explain right now, so listen to it then hear me out.
But first, this. The instagram update was really cool, and Baekhyun was telling people to check it out since it had come out.
Ok, now on to the music. Just, so much glory! It reminds me of Sing For You by EXO, but I loved that song and love this one! I'm not familiar with K. Will, but I'm hooked on him now. Their voices sound like cool silk on a hot day, and it is the best thing in the world in all honesty.

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Love you guys! ~Elayne
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I found this song last week too and you're right, it's so good! I'm a fan of K.Will and definitely check out his music, his voice is wonderful! One of my favorites of his is "Day 1."